Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not Crazy for Crazy Crepes!

Crazy Crepes
Address: SM Northwing North Reclamation Area Cebu City
Food: Crepes

31st of July, 2009, I and my CBS friends were given each a coupon for a Crazy Choco Crepe and a bottled water. The coupon does not include the ice cream though so we have to add another 20php for it. I was asked by the cashier if I would have the Choco or the Cookies and Cream Ice cream and chose Cookies and Cream!

I had a chance to taste Crazy Crepes ones during their opening (I think that was 2 years ago) with my brothers and sad to say I wasn't very pleased with my Mango Nutella Crazy Crepe, since mangoes on it were sour! My brothers didn't enjoy theirs as well. And had always thought of not coming back. But since I was given a free coupon then I have to make use of it, right? hehe

I am a big fan of crepes, specially when there are mango chunks or chocolate on it, served warm and with vanila ice cream on top! But Crazy Crepes doesn't make me that happy. Maybe the their using the regular flour for their crepes.

But I have to commend their staff for being effective and very smiling. CBS(Cebu Bloggers Society) group went there together (about 20people) but they still were handling us well, very effective indeed. The way they make their crepes are organized and clean too. Also there are a huge variety of crepes from the simple choco crepe to strawberries & Nutella Crepe!

Am not crazy for Crazy Crepes though.

Here are a few pics of CBS members enjoying their Choco Crazy Crepe!

Kai about to taste her Choco Crazy Crepe

Guada, Vernon & Jose chilling out and piggin out on their crepes

Tianexxx checkin out the Crazy Crepe varieties!


Neil Adrian Matillano said...

same here, i tried it last december... dili man amazing... but it was still ok. they could improve the crepe taste itself...

Doyzkie said...

Mao gyud! but overall it was just okay. plain tasting crepe!

Toni B. said...

Thnx for the info!!! I never tried crazy crepes cuz I just never had the time for it....

Visit my food and recipe blogs at!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog by the way - very helpful. I just wanted to add that I love my crepes here - blueberry and vanilla. Now that I found out about CrazyCrepes (thanks to your blog) I almost always go there when I'm in SM. Maybe they've had time to improve since the last reviews?

The only other crepe place I've been to, the new joint above Sbarros in Ayala: CrePes and Cream, is a little bit more expensive and has much tastier toppings, but the crepe "bread" itself makes CrazyCrepes look excellent by comparison. I actually regretted eating my crepe there as it left a burnt flavor in my mouth.

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