Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lemon Grass!

Restaurant: Lemon Grass
Address: The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu
Food: Vietnamese, Thai
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

After iLearners Inc. Ocular in Sibonga, Shake, Pao, Greg and I went to the Terraces to meet Edd. I bought 1/2 kilo of chicharon from Carcar on our way home, which 1/4 kilo was devoured by the 4 of us on our way back to the city. We arrived at Ayala Center Cebu at around 830pm and all of us were starving! Since the 4( Shake, Pao, Greg and I) of us can barely have our minds working because of hunger, Edd chose where to dine, Lemon Grass!

I love Thai food but I am not a big fan of Lemon Grass : |
That was my 7th time dining at Lemon Grass, first time was during their opening years ago and 5 times were treats from officemates and friends and 7th was that night Edd chose to dine there.

For our appetizer, we had Po Piah Todd (Deep Fried Thai Spring Rolls, Price: 135php) . This dish made me crave for Thai Street food which I never miss to eat when am in Thailand. Lemon Grass's Version of Thai Spring roll almost had the same taste with the street spring rolls I had in Khao San Road but original Thai street spring rolls sold at 25baht per serving tastes better, but have to fly to Thailand to get that though! LOL. Poh Piah Todd is made of shrimp, pork, mushroom, veggie and mung bean noodles.

5 of us shared the Binagoongan Rice (Price: 130php) served in a triangular bowl which had made a mess on the table everytime we scoop rice into our plate. Hahaha. Thinking about it, the right way to get rice from that bowl is to place the bowl on top of your plate then scoop the rice into your plate to avoid the messy situation. Binagoongan Rice is made of Jasmine Rice cooked in pork cubes and fermented shrimp paste with roasted nuts, topped with cilantro, egg strips and green mango strips. Though I barely noticed tasting nuts on it.

Pad Thai(Price: 195php)! Lemon Grass's Pad Thai was actually good, it just lacked the spicy sweet taste of the authentic Pad Thai. And it was a little bit salty too, which I and Pao noticed. Probably too much fish sauce. Mildly spiced Rice noodles with shrimps and chicken bits topped with roasted nuts, herbs and sprouts. and the sprouts were crunchy and fresh, yum!

Chicken Green Curry (Price: 220.00php). This green cury is spicier than "SIAM's (Thai resto in Ayala)" green Curry. Surprisingly for me, eggplant actually complemented well with the taste of the curry. hehe.

House drink! hehe. Citrus and Herbs Lemonade (Price: 185 per pitcher serves 4-5)! Green and sunny lemons, cucumber and mint leaves! A very light and refreshing drink! Ahhhhh!


cathrin said...

Very interesting hotel...good service for travellers....comfort,good food...i appreciate you for services...

cathrin disusa..
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Voice T1 said...

wow!!! a very mouth watering dish you got there!!!

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

@ Voice T1 - thanks man!

Neil Adrian Matillano said...

spam na ang first comment? :) the House Drink rocks! very unique and very refreshing!

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

@ Neiloy - Uo. shameless plug! hahay!

J-me Pikman said...

Ahem - I have some stuff to share - the weird taste which is not fully Thai is because the place is Vietnamese and Thai... and some stuff about the house drinks - remember that weird lemonade they serve you, at the beginning? Well, I read a comment on a a blog about this one person sitting by the bar, and watching them prepare the lemonade - they don't wash the glasses they serve you the lemonade in... They empty the fruit and juice leftover, and pour in the lemonade and give it to you... Or at least that is what the person said in a comment... She was very convincing... Just, as an info ,I'm not trying to gross anybody out...

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phoebe said...

yummm--i'm a fan of Lemon Grass. I loved that chicken wrapped up with pandan, forgot the name..well yeah, and that citrus and herb lemonade..i soo much love's so refreshing and when i sipped all the liquid from my glass, I had the chance to pick the cucumber and lemon from the inside.

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