Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cafe Georg!

Restaurant: Cafe Georg
Address: Ground Floor MLD Bldg., Banilad Cebu City, 6000 Philippines
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: Salad, Grill, Pasta (Mixed Ethnic)
Phone : +63 32 2340887
Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 11:00 a.m. -- 11 p.m.
Sunday:11:00 a.m. -- 9 p.m.

6th of August, 2009, Chai, Edd, Nike and I were suppose to have a dinner meeting for our event this October 31st called Satin Eclipse. But Nike was stuck at a seminar at Coca Cola Plant, so it turned out to be just dinner. hehehe. And Greg joined the Pigout session that night!

I have to admit am a fan of Cafe Georg! I love how they use different herbs and spices on each entree making each dish unique. The chef/owner must've travelled a lot and incorporated it to the entrees on the menu. You'd notice the entrees on the menu is of different ethnicity (but mostly of European Ethnicity).

The place is cozy with warm lights and mellow music!
New on the Menu is Pork Chops with Tomato Basil Salsa (Price: 190php). This was Edd's pick which I, Edd and Chai shared. The Lemony Tomato and Basil Salsa compliments well with the tender yet a bit dry porkchop. It would have been better if there were a little bit more of the salsa. Nonetheless it was a good entree.

My pick was the California Salad (Price: 180php), which is my favorite salad in Cafe George. Crab sticks, Cucumbers, lettuce and Mangoes in a creamy sesame sauce. Yum!

Another personal Cafe Georg favorite is Cafe Georg's Classic Pork Belly(Price: 180php). Thin Pork belly slices in a sweet peppery sauce just the way I like it!

Barcelona (Price 220php) was Chai's pick. My first time to taste a fish dish at Cafe George. The steamed fish fillet in Spanish Paprika butter is a little bit oily so be sure to squeeze those lemon slices! The entree actually was quite good, that is if your a fan of fish entrees. Goes well with a rootbeer drink, doesn't it Chai? hehe

We ordered Mocha Slush( Price: 90php), Strawberry Shake(Price: 120php) and Avocado Shake (Price: 80php) for our drinks! Strawberry shake is made out of Strawberry Syrup( tastes very much like Hershey's Strawberry Syrup) which of course is sweet and topped with whipped cream.

The Seasonal Avocado Shake! ahhhh! Fresh Avocado in a Shake. Nothing Special though, just plain Avocado shake. hehehe
And for our dessert, Choco Bailey's Pana Cotta(Price: 100php)! Two Layers of Italian Custard: Swiss dark chocolate topped with Baileys Pana Cotta! Now am craving for another serving of Choco Baileys! hahaha. raaawr! Choco Baileys Pana Cotta = Love!


Ethelbert said...

makes me think... why you dont get the extra pounds if you frequent on these places.. si God talaga unfair..hehehe

Doyzkie said...

naa man ko daghan mga strenuous activities Atty! nyahahahaha!

Ethelbert said...

at ako wala? bwahahahaha how pathetic.. :P

Anonymous said...

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Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

@Ethelbert - mao sad diay atty. sa! LOL

KaraKATAD said...

You chould've tried out the green tea cheesecake there! It's yummeh. :p

Neil Adrian Matillano said...

One of my fave food places! :) delicious food, good ambience, but not too expensive...

Toni B. said...


Panna Cotta!!!

Visit my food blogs at!!!!

Shake said...

Love the broccoli in their Beef Broccoli entree! weeeeee! ahahaha!

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