Monday, April 26, 2010

The Great Adobo Challenge

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu brings on the challenge! One favorite Filipino dish, 4 culinary artists from 4 different places battle it out on the kitchen! Culinary Masters Glenda Barretto of Samar, Danny dela Cuesta of Northern Luzon, Myrna Segismundo of Batangas and Nancy Reyes showcase their culinary talents for the Marco Polo's Great Adobo Challenge! See you at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Thursday 11:30AM.

Thanks to Ms. Belle, PR of Marco Polo Plaza Cebu for the invite and Sir Jigs Arquiza of Sunstar Cebu!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mactan Food Festival

A food orgy of what Mactan has to offer and the best in Mactan culinary from hotels and restaurants gather at this annual event. Mactan Food Festival gives Cebuanos and tourists a foretaste of Mactan hotels and restaurants signature dishes at marked down prices! Food prices starts at a cut-down whooping price of 50php a dish, prepared by chefs from top rate Mactan Hotels and Restos! Since it's inception in 2001, the event gets better and better as Lapu-lapu Tourism and Lapu-lapu City government see the potential of domestic as well as international tourists pouring in to witness the event and take part in the food fair!

Couchsurfer guests Mark and Jeff joined the Peeehgz! on another food adventure as we invade Mactan Shrine for the 2010 Kadaugan sa Mactan Food Festival! Sir Jigz Arquiza and Shangrila Mactan had given me the privileged to taste 2 treat dishes!

Chef Orlan preparing Asian Beef and Cauliflower Stew! Sweet, semi spicy flavorful dish which I personally loved!

Another treat was this tender and soft Shangrila Spring Chicken! Yum!

Mark also bought Hilton's bibingka for 75php! Yummy bibingka topped with Kesong puti and fresh coconut shaves!

Well for you guys who would love to check 2010 Kadaugan sa Mactan Food Festival you still have the whole week to go and join the food carousel!

A very big Thank You to Sir Jigs Arquiza of Sunstar Cebu for the invitation!

Mga Kapig Outs!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Summer Cooler Quickies!

The hot summer heat makes you wanna scream for some cold sweet icy desserts! Here are some of my personal fave summer cooler treats!

CHERRY'S HAWAIIAN SHAVE ICE. A new stall in Parkmall Mandaue serving these sweet yummy ice treat had made me coming back again and again. Yeah yeah, its just ice but I loved ice scramble during my elementary days so Hawaiian shaved ice is a nostalgia since its the closest thing to ice scramble. hehehe. Cherry's Hawaiian Shave Ice is sold at 55php for the small serving which can be shared by 2-3 persons and 75php for the big serving. Too many flavors to mention but I love Strawberry, Spearmint and orange!

My nephews and niece love Cherry's Hawaiian Shave Ice too!

GELATISSIMO! I love Gelatissimo and I am addicted to their lemon cheesecake! Lemon Cheesecake's tangy and citrus coolness is just heaven and bits of cheezy crumbs makes it even better! Gelatissimo's Single cup is sold at 95php!

Gelatissimo's little bambinos! These hand made ice cream masterpieces are cute and kids just love them, it's a little bit pricey though being sold at 400php for a dozen bambinos, but its fun and delish! Gelatissimo branches at SM City Cebu and Ayala Center Cebu.

Frizberry Strawberry Frozen Yogurt with triple fruit toppings! I love frozen yogurt and Frizberry just satisfies my cravings for the frozen treat! Large Strawberry Frozen Yogurt with triple fruit toppings is priced at 145php. Frizberry Yogurt is located at 2nd level SM City Cebu near Salon De Rose.

ASIAN PALM'S YIN YANG BROWNIE! Soft and moist white and brown chocolate warm brownie topped with vanilla ice cream. Asian Palm Restaurant is located at The Gallery Mabolo Cebu.

QUICKLY! I just love Taro Ice (Iced Taro served with nata or sago/tapioca)and Choco Loco (Iced Taro with special chocolate syrup served with Nata or sago/tapioca) from Quickly! Priced at 55php and 60php respectively, these sweet cold drinks is a thirst quencher when strolling SM City Cebu. Branches at SM City Cebu are at the Lower Ground Floor SM near SM Supermaket and 2nd Level SM City Cebu.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Short Chows!

Due to my Pig-like appetite I came across some snack chows that I kind of regret buying.

It was a scheduled horror movie night with the "Pehgs!" and bought Hazelnut Brownie from Selecta Gold Line! Chocolate and hazelnut ice cream with fudge brownies. The brownies are moist with the right sweetness but the ice cream wasn't that good. Paying for a "premium" ice cream price, I personally think it's not worth it.

Another disappointment is "Frostkits Homemade Sylvannas" paying 16php a piece for a block of butter /margarine coated in some sort of crumbs is not my idea of heaven. Don't get me wrong, I love Sylvannas but Frostiks was just not for me. Bought a box of 10pcs. at SM City Supermarket for 136php. Singles are also available for 16php. Also tasted the same Sylvannas at Off Roads Banilad which really tasted off!

Seattle's Best Pandesal was also another blind alley! The bread was like it had been on the shelves for days(or a week) as it was hard and tasted really like old bread. :(. Maybe it was not my lucky day for I have been served an old stock of bread.

Frizberry: Healthy Lifestyle in a Yogurt

Store: Frizberry Yogurt
Address: 2nd Level SM City Cebu (Near Salon De Rose)
Products: Frozen Yogurt and Yogurt Shakes
Mode of Payment: Cash

The warm Cebu climate makes us crave for more of those cold and sweet desserts to recharge our cool! My highschool classmate and friend Mitchell Colina had opened his first branch of his yogurt station at SM City Cebu and has invited me and my Cebu Bloggers Society friends to try out their Yogurt!

The pastel colored Frizberry Yogurt Station is eye catching and colorful enough to attract customers and has a vibrant and fresh feel.

Frizberry Yogurt toppings range from fresh fruits to preserved fruits to sweet mallows and crashed grahams! Though topping selection are wider at Yogu's, Frizberry Frozen Yogurt is more Yogurty and yogurt tasting!

Frizberry Yogurt offers 2 Flavors: Original (Sizes Small: 75php Medium:95php Large: 105php) and Strawberry(Sizes Small: 80php Medium:100php Large: 110php). single topping is priced at 15php, double topping priced at 25 and triple topping priced at 35php. Like Yogu, unlimited syrup is also available at Frizberry.

Owner Mitchel Colina and better half poses for pigginoutsessions!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

FIC: Ice Cream Happiness!

It was a very hot Saturday afternoon as I drove to Ayala Center Cebu for the opening of FIC or Fruits in Ice Cream. An invitation sent by Ms. Cybil Gayatin a few weeks back was hard to resist for I sooo love FIC!

FIC Ayala Center Cebu Scooping Station is located at 2nd level(3rd floor) of Ayala Mall fronting Chowking and Pizza Hut. FIC serves almost 40 flavors of Ice Cream in four different lines: gourmet, premium, FIC lite and Pinoy Sorbetes. FIC also have frozen cupcakes, ice cream pies, ice cream cakes, ice cream cookie sandwiches and other a la mode desserts.

FIC Gourmet Excellece Line comes in 3 flavors - Strawberry, Pistachio and Raspberry which are made with the best imported ingredients, like fresh raspberries from Oregon, USA. Other flavors from FIC Gourmet Line are black sesame, butterscotch, caramelo, choco mint, cranberry, durian, double Dutch, and macapuno. FIC Gourmet Selection are made extra special with creamier base and more combinations of real fruits, nuts, cookies and confectionary products.

FIC Premium Ice Creams are delightfully rich and creamy, and are loaded with natural ingredients that give each flavor its own distinct character: cappuccino is made with real coffee extract, green tea with real Japanese green tea leaves, and mango ice cream with our own Philippine Carabao mangoes. Other flavors in the premium line include cookies n’ cream, nangkasuy, and rocky road.

FIC lite is for those who conciously are watching over their weights. FIC lite is a line of frozen dairy desserts, which contains no added sugar and only 50% of the fat content in regular ice cream products. FIC lite is not only much lower in calories, but it is also loaded with a generous dose of healthy dietary fiber. The best part is that it still has the same creaminess, sweetness and rich mouth feel of premium ice cream. FIC lite comes in mangoes n’ cream, mixed berries, apple cinnamon, French vanilla, choco marble and cafĂ© latte flavors.

FIC Pinoy Sorbetes creatively introduces familiar flavor interpretations of popular Filipino desserts like banana Q and mangga’t suman while adhering to international quality standards. FIC Pinoy Sorbetes flavors are made from a mellorine base – a blend of dairy solids and vegetable oil, mainly coconut oil, which is known to enhance your health. FIC Pinoy Sorbetes Regular offers tsokonut, kape’t gatas, melon, munggo and ube Pinoy flavors while FIC Pinoy Sorbetes Espesyal offers avocado, queso, guinumis, tsoko pinipig, mangga’t suman, banana Q, halo-halo flavors. It also comes in fat-free flavors like buko sorbetto, calamansi, mango sorbetto and guyabano.

I was given the privileged to eat all the FIC ice cream I want during the opening! I had FIC light flavors Caffe Latte and Mixed Berries. Caffe Latte was a light blend of coffee and milk which was good. Mixed berries was fruitfully sweet! After that I had to taste the soon to be launch Ice Cream Shake Line wherein you get to choose an ice cream flavor and have it blended with a little bit of milk, topped with whip and swirled with choco or strawberry syrup. FIC Shake Line is scheduled to be out in May! I had the Raspberry Rapture Milk Shake! I recommend the Raspberry Rapture, a must try!

I also got to try their Durian Flavor from the Gourmet Line and its amazingly Delicious! It's totally a durian experience starting from the moment u open the ice cream lid. Thanks to the Half Gallon Gift Certificate given by the FIC People!

FIC People! wootwoot!

There are now 3 branches in Cebu where you can get a load of your FIC cravings! FIC SM Branch, FIC Ayala Branch and FIC Country Club. But let me tell you a secret! You can actually get FIC at discounted prices at FIC Cebu Depot at 13 Buahinia Drive Banilad. You can call them at 232 8146! shhhh! :)