Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Bubbly Bubbles & the Attack of the Ugly Jollibee Pancakes

Restaurant: Jollibee
Branch: Asiatown I.T. Park Apas Lahug Cebu City
Restaurant Type: Fastood
Mode of Payment: Cash

August 10, 2009. It's 1 am and Pao, Edd, Greg, Shake and I were starving so we bought some breakfast at Jollibee. We all ordered Panckes and shared 2 Extra Large Fries with a single Cheezy Salsa Dip.

So does food appearance really matter? Hell YES! And this is what Jollibee Pancakes look like.

What do you think? hehe. If you compare Mcdonalds Pancakes with Jollibee Pancakes, Mcdonald's Pancake appearance and taste is so much better, not to mention Mcdonalds offer flowing Maple Syrup! But to be fair with the Jollibee Pancakes, it does taste good. It's just that they're thin.

Extra Large Fries(Price: 55php) and Cheezy Salsa Dip (Price: 10php). Fattening yet so yummy! LOL.

And who would not recognize the ever Bubbly "Bubbles" who makes everyone laugh when ordering at Jollibee IT Park Branch with his far fetched lines like " I miss you" and "more power!" Just hilarious! Peace out dude!


Anonymous said...

Sikata gud ni Bubbles! haha

iamtiny said...

I miss Bubbles! hehehe. I miss eating at JB sa IT park. huhuhu.

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

Hahaha. it seems everyone already knows bubbles! hahaha. SIKAT!

cathrin said...

Good food and good taste always increase the growth of people...and loved by all..thank for such tasty food services....

cathrin disusa
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Toni B. said...

Well... I only like the jollibee fries!!!!

never met bubbles... sigh...

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