Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Restaurant: Shabuway
Address: Parkmall Mandaue City
Food: Japanese Hot Pots
Restaurant type: Casual Dining/ DIY (Do-it-yourself) Dining
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card
Tel. No. 032-5052598

For those who aren't familiar with shabu-shabu, then it is a must that you read on. hehe. Shabu shabu, which translates to swish swish, is a Japanese hot pot variant which uses thinly sliced meat and vegetables which is served with sauces. This was explained to us by our hostess "Che-che" of Shabuway.

We had the Pork Set (Price: 295php) which comes with a vegetable platter that includes Taiwan Pechay, Chinese Pechay, Noodles, Soup balls, Gindara Tofu, Corn, Gabi, Carrots and Mushrooms. We also had single orders of fish (Price: 70php) and Squid(Price: 90php).

To prepare your Japanese hot pot, put to boil your "dashi" or broth then submerge the meat of your choice into the boiling broth, add some vegetables and egg whites and swish it back and forth!

Shabu shabu tastes and resembles more like Chinese Hot pots. A very good dish during the cold and rainy season.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Restaurant: Nonki
Branch: SM City Cebu Fiesta Strip
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Mode of Payment: Cash/ Card
Food: Japanese

Another lazy afternoon, Edd, Greg and I were strolling around SM and craved for some Japanese for lunch. It was already 2 and yeap we are used to having late lunches and dinners due to our very hectic schedule. hehe. A good Japanese resto inside SM is Nonki! Service is great and the food is good!

Before starting the meal, we were given wet towels with moisturizer to cleanse our hands. Misu soup and potato coleslaw were also served compliments of Nonki!

I love California Maki! And definitely one of the best Cali Maki I had was Nonki's! Their Bento meals are well seasoned and are gratifying. Their Ebi tempura are whole tiger shrimps unlike some other resto wherein the cut the shrimps into half.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Manila Special: Fish & Co.

Restaurant: Fish & Co.
Branch: Mall of Asia Pasay City
Food: American (Seafood, desserts, smoothies)
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

Our 5j flight just landed at Centennial Airport and the hour travel just made my appetite rapacious. Briskly walking, we grabbed our checked in baggage and hopped on an Airport cab. It was a sluggish morning, which made my hunger even worst, as our friendly Ilonggo Cab driver jaunted to Mall of Asia. Lunch at Fish & Co!

For starters we had Fried Calamari(Price: 405php). Pepper Crunchy Calamari Rings!

For my entree, I ordered Soft Shell Crab Pasta(Price: 285php). Spaghetti Noodles in olive oil sprinkled with garlic and parsley topped with a soft shell crab. It was good , but the Soft Shell Crab Pasta I ordered in The Coffee Club Singapore was way better! And look how tiny the Fish & Co Soft Shell Crab on top of the Pasta! hehehe. So cute! LOL.

Fish & Co. recommends Apple Lychee Shake with The Soft Shell Crab. Me likey! (Price: 80php)

Fish & Co. Classic, Fish & Chips! A huge Fish Fish Fillet fried and topped with Lemon Butter Sauce served with fries. (Price: 405php). I nibbled on a little portion of this(am not a fan of big fish dish) and taste like fish! hehehe

And I have to commend the waitresses of Fish & Co. MOA! They're very attentive, warm and very courteous! Very close to fine dining service! And the complimentary mints called "EndearMINTS" was chewy and aperitive!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Frozen Yogurt

Name: Frozen Yogurt
Address: A.S. Fortuna Mandaue City, Cebu
Mode of Payment: Cash
Food: Coffee & Frozen Yogurt
Tel. No.: 63- 32- 4223126

After meeting Paul Soriano and attending MTV Exit Concert, Greg, Edd and I went for a short stop at the long planned visit to Frozen Yogurt! If you love yogurt and you will definitely get hooked. Soft, creamy yogurt turned into ice cream! SLURRRRP!

Frozen Yogurt Sundae comes in 2 serving sizes. Small and big serving size priced at 60php and 100php respectively.

Apple, Banana, blueberry, cherry, strawberry, mango, pineapple Fruit Toppings are also available for 30php. If you like Kiwi or mixed fruit toppings you can add it up to your frozen yogurt sundae for 50php.

And for those who loves sweet treats on their frozen yogurt toppings, like M&ms, Oreo, Kisses and Coco Crunch are available for 20php!

Definitely a healthy dessert that everyone would enjoy! And yeah, a very cool thing about Frozen Yogurt is you can write whatever you like on their walls! hehehe. I, myself left my mark at Frozen Yogurt! weeee.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Manila Special: Zao Vietnamese Cafe

Restaurant: Zao Vietnamese Cafe
Branch: Eastwood City
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: Vietnamese
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

Ir's already 10am and we were still at Ciege's condo in Eastwood! We were flying light as we literally are hearing our stomachs grumbling. hehehe. But what's great about Ciege's condo is that there's restaurants open 24/7.

With burnt out faces, we stroll around Eastwood looking for a good place to eat. We found Zao Vietnamese Cafe at a corner space of Eastwood looking very amiable. When we entered, we were greeted with warm smiles by the staff. Iced water was then served( we must looked very parched that time, hehehe) which I gulped half way at one sip. wheeeew. It was really humid that day. We then were asked for our orders. We ordered the Homestyle Braised Pork and Curried Chicken. I had a glass of refillable Tamarind Juice(Price: 95php) which I consumed a whooping 5 glass servings (not including the in-between refills)! hahahaha.

Homestyle Braised Pork(Price: 225php) has a hint of sweetness and the tender pork was good. Spare ribs and quail egg simmered in caramelized soy glaze.

Curried Chicken(Price: 265php) was a little light for me.I followed Chef Anton's (Kris Aquino's Fave Thai Chef) advice on how to eat curry which was to eat Curry Dish first before anything else to enjoy the full curry flavor which I did, but Zao's curried chicken was really light. The chicken was tender though which was good. Zao's Curried Chicken is simmered in red curry sauce with sweet potatoes, eggplant and mushroom.

With our stomachs full and the great service, we were happy!

Manila Special: Claw Daddy

Restaurant: Claw Daddy
Branch: 5th Avenue Bonifacio Global City , Taguig, Philippines
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: Seafood, Crabs, Pizza (American)
Phone Number: 63 02 856 4785
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

3pm had past and we were craving for a good chow and looking for a bleak place in Bonifacio High Street to cool down. It was pretty humid and it was a populous day at Serendra. Our throats are as dry as dust as the stifling Bonifacio High was brimful due to events held that day.

Luckily(or so we thought), Clawdaddy was uncrowded. We then settled in a table near the AC and ordered. I have to say that for a resto who is more than half empty, the service was kinda vile. When we were ready to order, it took us around 4-5minutes to get someone to take our orders. We ordered Pepperoni Pizza and Barbeque Chicken Pizza (not sure with the exact names though since the receipt was not given to me) and we all had shakes to sate our parched throats.

Pepperoni Pizza (square pizza sliced into 6) was a so-so pizza. The crust was thin and crispy though which I dote on. The second pizza was Barbeque Pizza which was good , a little spiced like a hickory BBQ. But I am guessing pizza is not their specialty. ; )

I ordered Grape Shake! It is commendable but when you order request to put less sugar, mine was a little too sweet but it was alright. Roma Mia's Grape Shake was better for me though.

We then asked the waiter to have our leftovers for take out and asked for the bill (which took us another 5 minutes) . I paid with my credit card which by the way was left there. So much for a bad dining experience. hahahaha. But in candor with Claw daddy, the place was cozy and nice.

Mga Kapigouts, Homer and Greg!

Manila Special: Dippin Dots

Name: Dippin' Dots
Address: Mall of Asia, Pasay
Mode of Payment: Cash
Food: Specialty Ice Cream

I never miss to buy a large cup of Dippin' Dots whenever I visit Manila. You can buy a large cup at 100php with 2 different flavors of your choice! I had my Fave Java Coffee and New Flavor Tropical Tie Die! Rich, Sweet,Creamy and delicious!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Delmar Lobby Lounge

Restaurant: Delmar Lobby Lounge
Address: Imperial Palace, M.L.Quezon Highway, Bgy. Maribago. Lapulapu City, Cebu
Restaurant Type: Coffee & Tea Lounge
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card
Food: Coffee, Tea and Pastries

After a long afternoon, drink of our choice was served at the Delmar Lounge compliments of Imperial Hotel, thanks to Kyra and Kiss! We settled at the comfy lounge chairs and joked around a little bit waiting for our order to arrive. I had Ice blended Almond Roca which I enjoyed so much! It would have been better though if it was served with a slice of dark choco cake or a cookie. hehehhe. Nonetheless, got a kick out of the refreshing Almond Roca Frap! yum! slurp!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Port Seafood and Restaurant

Restaurant: Port Seafood and Restaurant
Address: Waterfront Lahug Cebu City
Food: Mixed Ethnic(Filipino, American, Etc)
Restaurant Type: Buffet
Type of Payment: Cash/Card

It was past 10pm and we haven't had dinner yet knowing we were invited by Mr. & Mrs.Hayco (owners of the resto) for the opening of their midnight buffet! Kara, Edd, Greg, E and I arrived at 10:30pm at the Waterfront hotel and took us another 15minutes to find for a parking space. wheeeew! But we were treated with a buffet so drivers E and I didn't whine. hehehe. Midnight Buffet is priced at 190php.

I love their siomai, green mango and their bagoong!

Pasta and Crepe Bar! hehehe. The crepes looked great, too bad their crepe tasted like pancakes. But with the low buffet price, the buffet was worth it!

Entertainment! Live band played when we were eating. And after their first set, a special number was presented by Mr. and Ms. Hayco's daughter.

Singapore Special: Makansutra

Restaurant: Makansutra Gluttons Bay
Address: Esplanade Mall #1-15 1 Esplanade Drive Singapore
Food: Asian
Restaurant Type: Food court
Mode of Payment: Cash

Food Court ala Al Fresco, Makansutra Gluttons Bay is a collection of asian food stalls right at the back of Esplanade Mall (actually it's still part of Esplanade Mall). Food are of reasonable prices yet the taste is yet true and authenticly Asian! All food orders were favorites of Neil and friends.

Sweet and Sour pork!

Grilled Manta Ray!

Greens! hehe

Sugar Cane Juice!

Mga Kapigouts!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Manila Special: Green Halo

Restaurant Name: Green Halo
Address: Cubao Expo Quezon City
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: Filipino
Mode of Payment: Cash

Green Halo, a restaurant owned by friends Jaja Valencia and Halmen Valdez, has been around for 2 years now. Serving organic food at affordable prices, you would never go wrong! Located at where the artistic and talented people hang out, Cubao Expo, Halo has been a hit to young artists, call center agents and health conscious people who wants a healthy lifestyle. One of the owners Jaja, whom I met last year during a Couchsurfer Party, has invited us to come.

With barely 2 hours of sleep for 2days, I with Louie and Greg, went to Cubao Expo beating the heavy traffic from MOA to Quezon City. Gladly, with crumbling stomachs, we had arrived at Halo at 8pm. Halmen, who is studying law and one of the owners greeted us and we started the piggin out session. This is my second time dining at Halo and without any bias, I love Halo! My Halo faves would be the veggie burger and the malunggay pasta!

Halo's Humba is a new addition to their menu. Instead of using pork, Halo used gluten which is made of soy, a good source of protein.

Another dish was the Puso ng Saging patty with Mashed potato. Halo's Mashed potato is made from pure potatoes with no extenders, and to season it, added are pepper and salt. A must try! and don't forget to dip it on SOYANAISE, Halo's veggie version of Mayonnaise.

And one of my Halo Fave, the Malunggay Pasta (Price: 95php)! Made out of organic Moringga leaves crushed into olive oil to make a perfect healthy pasta! Tastes a lot like Pesto but milder.

Tuna Pastel! Halo's version of the filipino loved dish, chicken pastel, but instead of using chicken they used tuna.

Green Halo Siopao whose mantao is made of organic wheat flour and insides are veggies and stuff. I love it! And doesn't taste like veggies at all.

My favorite Halo Drink is Tarragon Shake! I loved it so much I had 2 and a half glass serving! hehehe. What's it made off? Organic Tarragon herb!

Malunggay and Rhum Cupcakes! Very yummy!

My kapigouts!

Roy, Halmen, Homer, Louie and Greg