Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Frizberry Yogurt opening at SM!

I just love frozen yogurt and the mall rat that I am, pretty much excited with the opening of Frizberry at SM City Cebu on March 8, 2010! Fresh Yogurt that is healthy and fresh as per owner Mitchel Colina. Fresh, tasty and quality food and beverages that meets nutritional standards.

Mitchel (who by the way is my highschool classmate) invited me to experience Frizberry on its opening together with 14 other web writers to experience the healthy and yummy frozen treats!

"Frizberry: healthy lifestyle in a yogurt!"

Friday, February 19, 2010

What's New @ Krispy Kremes!

Who doesn't love the fresh sweet doughnuts Krispy Kreme offers! My neice and nephews were in for a surprise as I bought them 20 cute and sweet mini doughnuts. 20 assorted mini Krispy Kremes for 290php! Kids just love 'em!

Visited the SM Mall of Asia(MOA) branch 2 hours before my flight back to Cebu to get the pasalubong for my family. ALso bought 2 dozen pack of doughnuts(1 dozen honey glazed and 1 dozen assorted doughnuts) for 590php.

The limited edition milk choco Hersheys Kiss Krispy Kreme got my attention! Yum!
Also tried out their Mocha chiller priced at 120php for the medium size. Too sweet for me. : (

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Naglevel up ka na!

Greenwich truly has stepped up to a higher level this 2010! The "Greenwich Cheesy Campaign" is a phenomenal success as they were awarded the prestigious Gold Araw Award for the Best Integrated Campaign the recent Philippine Advertising Congress.

February 17, 2010, Greenwich had a press launch for their new products at SM City Cebu branch. The press got to try out some of the products starting off with the new Greenwich Pizza Fries! The fries comes in two flavors: Pepperoni and Garlic & Cheese with a special pizza sauce dip.

We then had a sampler plate of Bacon Chicken Carbonara Supreme. Tender bacon and chicken slices, smothered in white sauce with 3 cheeses (Mozarella, Parmesan, Cheese) and topped with mushroom and parsely flakes.

We also had the Greenwich Ultimate Hawaiian Overload Pizza! With 2x more premium ham, smoked bacon, glazed pineapple, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.

We also had a taste of the new Greenwich American Lunch Specials. Greenwich Quarter Slab Ribs that comes with Java rice, mixed veggies and a regular drink priced at 179php.

Thick 'N Tender Chops (another Greenwich American Lunch Special) is marinated in a special sauce and comes with Java rice, mixed veggies and a regular drink for 199php.

Drinks! We had Fit & Right! woot woot!

Aside from the new facade and new pizza box, the Greenwich staff also had new uniforms which was ramped by our friendly Greenwich staff!
Greenwich also raffled out some prizes to the media! And Lucky Mary Angeli Bas had won a Benetton Bag! Congrats!

As for Rabsin and I, we won the tshirt relay game where we won a barkada blowout package! wootwoot! Naglevel up na din kami! hehe

We would like to thank our Greenwich barkada specially Ms. Charo Baller. \m/

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dites les Valentines avec des bonbons !

Vanille Cafe and Patisserie
2nd level The Terraces Ayala Cebu
Food:French food, Desserts and Pastries
Mode of Payment: Cash/ Card

(Sorry bout the picture quality, used my iphone to take the pics)

Happy Valentines Day! Say it with sweet treats from Vanille!

Limited Edition heart Macarons are sold for 210php for a pack of 8!

And new truffle flavors! wootwoot! Champagne and Raspberry Truffles. Raspberry truffles are made of dark chocolate truffles with raspberry puree in dark chocolate. And Champagne Truffles are made of dark chocolate truffles with champagne sprinkled with pink sugar powder. Yum! More delicious reasons to go back to Vanille!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Restaurant: Nonki
Branch: AS Fortuna Mandaue City (Beside SkyCable Bldg)
Food: Japanese
Type: Casual Dining
Mode of Payment: Cash/ Card
Tel. No: 4223159

Father Torvz is going on a vacation so we had a little Japanese send off party just for him. Kara, Tonton, Edd, Ceigey and I met up at Seattle's Best before heading down to Nonki AS Fortuna and meet Father Torvz. E totally missed the fun dinner coz she was busy with law exams!

For starters we had Seafood Kaminabe (Priced at 310php). Kaminabe or Japanese paper steamboat has shrimp, fishballs and vegetables on a broth. We also had the special sashimi(price available by request) with salmon and uni sashimi.

We then had bentos for our main course! Beef bento for me (Priced at 250php). 2 small sized tempuras, big serving of Japanese rice, Beef, eggplant fan and vegetable on a bento. Yum!

A variety of sake or rice wine are available and prices differ depending on the brand. Price starts at 160 per serving/shot. It can be served hot ot cold. Cold Sake makes you taste the full sake's semi bitter taste. You'd trully distinguish a cheap sake from a fine sake when its cold. If your ordering a cheap shot of sake, you can mask the cheap taste by having it warmed to give it a smooth kick!

Kara the Tangera! or mad scientist? hehehe

Mga Kapigouts

Nonki owner with Father Torvz, Kara, Ceige, Tonton
Doyzkie and Edd

Father Torvz, Kara, Ceige, Tonton
Doyzkie and Edd

Canvas Bistro

Restaurant: Canvas
Address: 2nd Level The Teraces Ayala Cebu City
Food: Australian
Type: Casual Dining
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card
Tel. no. 233 0466

For busy people like E, Homer, Edd, Kara and I, we find comfort in food! We had a scheduled get together dinner at Canvas after work and as expected I was the last to arrive at the table. Pardon me people for I work an hour away from the city of Cebu and have to battle traffic! raaawr! hehe

Canvas! You might have noticed the waiters and waitresses showing you the menu while your walking the 2nd level of the terraces which some people find annoying. But for me , I love Canvas! Will definitely go back!

I ordered Pork Medallions with grain mustard sauce, grilled tiger prawn and pesto spinach fettuccini. Entree 195php and Main Course priced at 295php. I love the fresh basil taste on the pesto, the tender & juicy grilled prawn and the taste of the grain mustard sauce on the pork medallions.

Another dish I sampled was chicken wrapped in Pancetta on thyme garlic jus with vegetable cous cous. Price: 270php. Yum!

Pics below are taken by Homer Medici! Canvas Kapig outs!

The gang with Chef Shrimski of Canvas

E and Kara
Edd, I. E and Kara