Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Singapore Special: TCC

Restaurant: The Coffee Connoisseur
Branch: Blk 3E River Valley Road, #01-01 Clarke Quay
Food: Italian
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

After a stroll in the hip Clarke Quay, we needed to unwind and quench our very dry throats. Neil suggested we try "The Coffee Connoisseur" or commonly called by local Singaporeans as "TCC".
I ordered the Choc-mint Frap (9SGD/310.50php). I was a little despondent with the taste because it was not minty at all, a very light drink and not as satisfying as I anticipated.

Dark Devotion!!!! The beauteous "Dark Devotion" (Price:SGD12.00/414php) was chocolatey which was enjoyed by everyone!

Mga Kapigouts!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Singapore Special: The Coffee Club

Restaurant: The Coffee Club
Branch: 3B River Valley Road, The Foundry Clarke Quay Singapore
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: International (Australia, Italian)
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card
Operating Hours: Sundays-Tuesdays 12noon-2am
Wednesdays to Saturdays Eve of Public Holidays 12noon-4am
and public holidays
Contact Number: (65) 63365663

One of Singapore's Best Gourmet Food and Coffee shops, "The Coffee Club" has continuously been receiving awards for their dishes. Another restaurant recommendation by Neil, we headed to Clarke Quay for a late dinner at the Clark Quay Branch of "The Coffee Club."

I ordered the "Captain Crunch" (Price: SGD15.90/548.55php) which came with a free Fruit shake. A delightfully crispy oat-crusted soft shelled crab in a bed of linguine drenched in a luscious black pepper sauce. It was just heavenly! The crisp oat-crust exalts the taste of the tender soft shell crab.

Neil ordered the "Baked Spice Rice Paradise" (Price: SGD15.50/534.75php). Garlic Chicken Fillets marinated in exotic blend of herbs and spices in a bed lemon grass infused rice topped with gooey Parmesan and mozzarella cheese which I also sampled and enjoyed.

The fruit shake were made from real fruits. I can nibble on tidbits of fruits on the shake which was really good!

And for dessert, we had the Muddy Mud Pie! Enter chocolate nirvana with The Coffee Club signature dessert. Luxuriously smooth cappuccino and chocolate ice cream on an Oreo Crumb base under ribbons of warm fudge! Now suspiring for a muddy mud pie! raaaawr!

Singapore Special: Ikea Restaurant

Restaurant: Ikea Restaurant
Address: 317 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159965
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card
Food: Swedish
Open daily :-
9.30am - 10pm (last order 9.30pm)
9.30am - 11pm (last order 10pm) every Fri & Sat

Ikea is best known for its' cool European/Swedish home furnishings at fair prices. What most of us don't know is that they also serve good food! My friend Neil highly recommended Ikea Restaurant and was very happy he did for 3 reasons. 1st: Iwas able to buy rugs and lamps for a good deal, 2nd: food was great! and lastly I was treated by Neil at Ikea Restaurant! weeeee. Thanks again Neil! hehe

Who doesn't love chicken wings? Ikea's Chicken wings are crisp and garlicky on the outside but juicy and tender on the inside! Very Yummy! (Price: SGD6.50/PHP224.00)

Over 4,240,000 Swedish Meatballs sold, this traditional Swedish dish has been loved by Singaporeans and you will too once you tried it! Meatballs topped with Cream Sauce, side dished with potatoes and Lingonberry Jam! Me likey! : ) (Price: SGD6.50/PHP224.00)

Stuffed Salmon with chive sauce, 2 vegetable medallions and boiled baby carrots (Price: SGD6.50/PHP224.00). Am not a fan of Fish dishes so I asked Neil and Mark on how'd the Stuffed Salmon taste and they answered " Lami" which means delicious!

I enjoyed the desserts Neil and Mark ordered! The choco mouse was soft and creamy. The layered cake is soooo good! Would surely go back at Ikea and Ikea Restaurant on my next Singapore visit!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Harbour City Dimsum

Restaurant: Harbour City Dimsum
Branch: Ground Level SM City Cebu
Restaurant Type: Fastfood
Food: Chinese Dimsum
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

After Sunday bowling session with my family and friends, we chowed on some dimsum as requested by my nephew Lenard. Cebuanos just love MSG! Harbour City has been loved by Cebuanos as far as I can remember. My brother Reymond just adores Harbour City, as well as his son CJ. Though service is a bit slow and dawdling, Cebuanos still are fond of the MSG filled Dimsum dishes!

We always start our Harbour City meal with Steamed Rice (Price: 60php). My Favorite Empress Roll (Siomai Rolls wrapped in Cabbage, Price: 60php ) dipped in ginger sauce just makes you crave for another serving. My brother Edd's siomai pick is the bacon rolls(Price: 60php). As for the kids, they love Quail's Egg Siomai (Price: 60php).

Fried dished like Shrimp balls, crab pincers and spring rolls (Price: 60php per serving) are also a big hit amongst our family members.

Growing up in a family that uses MSG in the kitchen, Harbour City food is just nostalgic. Though our family has now been avoiding using and eating at restaurants that uses MSG, we still would agree to dine at Harbour City Dimsum once in a while. heheheehe.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jobillee Chix BBQ Launch

Restaurant: Jollibee
Branch: Guadalupe Cebu City
Restaurant Type: Fastfood
Mode of Payment: Cash
Tel. No. (032) 254-9712 / 254-9754

Jollibee has become the country's most cherished Filipino Fastfood chain which reflects the true Filipino taste! Since it's inception in 1970, Filipinos have continuously fallen in love with its signature products like the Yumburger, Chickenjoy, Joby Spaghetti, Burger Steak and Peach Mango Pie. Now, after 2 years of intensive taste experimentation, Jollibee is proud to present another Jollibee masterpiece, Jollibee Chicken Barbeque!

Filipinos love Chicken Barbeque, the main reason why Jollibee chose to launch their own version of the Filipino favorite!

Launched 28th August of 2009 in Manila and 9th of September in Cebu, Jollibee Chicken Barbeque is becoming more popular and winning Filipino taste buds with its honey sweet taste!

So what makes Jollibee Chicken Barbeque different from other chicken barbeques? Jollibee uses premium chicken and quality ingredients. And the marination process which makes the chicken honey sweet inside out.

“The Jollibee Chicken Barbecue represents our latest product milestone,” says Arline Adeva, Jollibee PR Manager, during the special media event held in Jollibee Guadalupe/JP Laurel in Cebu/Davao which took on the theme of “The Best of Filipino Taste” and which celebrated prime local cultural icons that continue to develop through time, just like Jollibee. “It reaffirms our brand’s commitment to constantly introducing innovative products that are tailored to local tastes.”

Special Guest and host is Philippine's premiere Ventriloquist Noynoy!

Mga Kapigouts! CBS Peeps and press people!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Singapore Special: Sakura Intl. Buffet

Restaurant: Sakura International Buffet
Address: 321 Orchard Shopping Center #02-16 Singapore 238866
Restaurant Type: Buffet
Food: Thai, Japanese, American
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card
Contact No. : (65) 6735 8197

September 3, 2009. My college friends and I had scheduled a dinner get together. It was already 7pm and JB was there sitting in a bench at Orchard who then suggested that we eat at Sakura. We, then met up with couple Cher and Robert, Neiloy and Mark. Mae wasn't able to make it though because she overslept. hehehe

We then went inside the lobby where we were waited to be seated and paid for the buffet. Thanks so much to Neiloy for treating me! weeee. Sakura Dinner Buffet costs 26SGD+/897PHP per person.

Serving varieties of Western, Oriental and Japanese food, it's definitely a feast! Food are cooked fresh right after you ordered. We started the meal with Lamb Chops! The lamb chop tasted like pork chop but had a blunt taste. Nonetheless, it was good.

I also had the Thai dish, Satay! I love satay! The nutty sweet sauce, yuuuuum!

Varieties of Sushi are prepared infront of you to assure you that they are fresh! The California Maki and the Egg Maki was a bit dry though. I enjoyed the chili crab and siomais, that i went back for a few more servings.

I helped myself with a bountiful serving of Kiwi, Grapes, Oranges and watermelon! weeee! And the ice cream! ahhhhh

The food may not be that excellent and the place may be a little bit crowded, for 26SGD+, it was definitely worth it! And yeah, one of the cooks had versed me not to take pics of the buffet counter and chef's area because its prohibited. hmmmm.

Mga Ka PigOuts:

Peeps from the other table. LOL

JB, Cher, Robert, Mark and Neiloy

Singapore Speacial: Pasta Fusion

Restaurant: Pasta Fusion Olive Vine
Address: 2nd Level Bugis Junction Singapore
Restaurant TYpe: Casual Dining
Food: American, Italian (Pasta and chops)
Mode of Payment: Cash

September 3, 2009. Had lunch at Bugis Junction before I go for a stroll in Arab Street. I had tried Pasta Fusion with Edd, Ken and Geof during our backpacking trip last November 2008 and went back for a second try. As far as I can remember, I enjoyed my meal during my first taste so had thought of going back again.

I had the pork steak in olive rice (Price: SGD10/340php) with soup and garlic bread.You'd notice, food is a serious business in Singapore. Pasta Fusion is just in a Bugis Food Court yet they prepare the food fresh and hot! And I love the tender meat spiced in pepper gravy sauce!

I also enjoyed the creamy asparagus soup!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Casa Verde

Restaurant: Casa Verde
Address: The Walk Asiatown I.T. Park Lahug Cebu City
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: Mixed Ethnic (American, Filipino)
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card
Phone Number: (63-32) 4123336

August 31, 2009. Onyot, Edd, Shake, Choi and I had dinner at Casa Verde The Walk! It was a day before I leave for Singapore and we decided to eat out. Edd ordered buffalo wings. One slice that was served on this basket was a neck part, so Edd called the wiater's attention and had it change to a wing part.

I ordered Surf and Turf! I dad my meat well done which was really juicy and yummy!

Onyot ordered the Kebabs served with mashed potatoes. I find their mashed potato a little bit hard though. It lacks texture and softness.

Mga Kapigouts!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maya Taqueria & Tequila Lounge

Restaurant: MAYA
Address: Crossroads Banilad Cebu City
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining (Very Close to Fine Dining though)
Food: Mexican
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card
Phone Numbers: (63-32) 2389552/ (63-32) 2389618

It was another iLearners Board of Trustees meeting and Atty. Ethelbert suggested that we try the hip Maya Taqueria & Tequila Lounge.

We started our dinner with Quezo Fundido (Price: 245php). Fresh Masa Chips with Melted Mexican cheeses & Jalapenos dip. I love Quezo Fundido when eaten in moderation.

We also had Carnitas(Meat) Quesadilla Gringa (Price: 175php)with salsa fresca . I love how the Salsa tasted so fresh.

Carnitas Taco (Price: 265php) is a 6 hour roasted organic pork shoulder. Organic Pork? hehe. I love their Camarones Al Coco( Price: 295php). 5 Crisp Coco Tiger Prawns served with sweet and sour mango sauce. Crisp on the outside but very juicy and tender on the inside.

I ordered Iced Tea for my Drink and it came with a liquid agave sweetener. It's a lighter version of our Pinoy iced tea which is full of sugar. Just refreshing!

Churros Con Chocolate (Price: 145php) tasted fresh. The Hot Churros sprinkled with cinnamon Sugar dipped in hot choco syrup was good. Kara, Greg and Chai said that Hola Espana's Churros are better. Must try Hola Espana!

Puddin de Bananas(Price: 115PHP) tasted like cerelac! hahaha. It had a strong taste of green bananas which I didn't enjoy!

The service at Maya is commendable! Very warm, attentive and friendly staff! The high ceiling, the romantic lighting, the Mayan furnitures and decorations are just great that adds up to a good Mayan Experience! And with how fresh the food tastes, they must've used fresh and quality ingredients that justifies the price. Will be back to taste those tequila! Raaaaawr!