Saturday, August 29, 2009

Breakfast at Mcdo IT Park!

Restaurant: McDonalds
Branch: Asiatown IT Park Lahug
Restaurant Type: FAstfood
Food: Burgers, Fries and Rice Meals (American)
Mode of Payment: Cash

August 22, 2009. Before we head down to Abs Cbn Studio for Kapamilya Winner Ka, we had Breakfast at Mcdonalds IT Park, where the meeting place was set. I had my fave snack munch, the 50php cheap yet yummy Crunchy Chicken Sandwhich which comes with a regular softdrink! With that I also ordered the 25php Pineapple Pie. I miss my Fave Taro Pie, too bad Mcdonalds Phased it out! huhu

I was lucky that day because I get to have a big chunk of chicken patty on my burger! weeeee. Sometimes, the chicken patty is so small that its mostly crunch on every bite(meaning all breadings, hehehe).

Shake ordered the Big Breakfast with Rice, which she said costs around 80php. And whats so big about the BIG BREAKFAST? hmmmm. Its a small beef Patty topped with Fried Omelet. hmmmmm.


guada said...

mao nang dli ko ganahn mo visit diri doyz ky gutomon jd ko. kalagot...

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

@ Guada - LOL

J-me Pikman said...

I really am NOT a fan of mcdo... THe last time we ate, the burger I got looked more like an oily, undefined square block, and the fries were very soggy... the coke wasn't bubbly anymore, either... :(... The next day everybody got sick from the food, and I had a very uneasy stomach and a migrane... grrrrrr....

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