Thursday, August 26, 2010

Free Gelatissimo Ice Cream!

Gelatissimo offers premium Italian Ice Cream that are flavorful yet is not packed with too much fat. 90% Fat free for most of the yummy flavors from Varonese Chocolate, Coconut flavor and lotsa other fruity and chocolatey flavors and 100% Fat free for green tea and sorbets! So how do you get free scoops??? It's easy!

The promo is open to all BDO Visa, Mastercard and JCB Credit Card Holders! For a single receipt worth 2,000php, 3,000php and 4,000php up you get 1, 2, 3 scoops respectively of  Gelato flavor of your choice. This is a regional promo and is only available in Cebu. Charged slips from August 1 to September 30, 2010 are qualified to join. Redemption of free Gelatissimo is until November 30, 2010. 
You can redeem your Free Gelatissimo at the following Branches:
  • Upper Ground Level, SM City Cebu North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
  • Ground Level, SM Northwing SM City Cebu North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
  • The Terraces, Lower Ground Level Ayala Center Cebu City

For more detailson the promo click HERE

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coffecat after a month!

After opening their first branch in Cebu last July 19, 2010, Peehgs had been taking a close look at Coffecat, trying every dish and coffees and of course the service. After more than a month of operation,  lots of Cebuanos had been addicted to Yogo Frozen Yogurt.Below is a list of what had made me crave for Coffeecat for the past weeks.

My Personal Coffeecat Top Picks are

1. Yogo Frozen Green Tea Yogurt with Kiwi, Grapes and Butterfinger! I find Coffeecat's Yogo yogurtness just right - sweetness and sourness just right! Priced at 155php for Medium Size cup with 3 toppings.

2. Coffeecat's Angry Harry Pasta. Priced at 165php, Be cautions for Angry Harry is peppery hot! Angry Harry is made of Arrabiata sauce made with ham, mushroom, garlic, tomatoes, basil and red chili cooked in olive oil. Al dente cooked Spaghetti made the texture of the pasta even greater. If you are not into chilis then you can have the Napoletana Pasta priced at 16ophp.

 3. Coffeecat Chai Tea Avalanche.  My fave Avalanche so as with Ache(Chai Rico), my lil bro Edd and my adopted lil bro Ryan! haha. You can taste the tea-ness and its not that sweet. :)

Least Coffeecat Favorites
1. Coffeecat's Pistachio Lamington. It looks really yummy,  it's name is so intriguing and its affordable! Priced at 55php, I would not suggest you buy this if your not into oily desserts. Pistachio Lamington is layers of chiffon and butter cake covered with butter and then topped all over with artificially colored dehydrated coconut flakes. So oily I must say!

 2. Yogo Waffle . Don't get me wrong but I love Waffles. Yogo waffle, on the other hand is priced at 80php for the waffle and top it with your  size choice Yogo Frozen Yogurt and toppings. In the picture below, that's a medium sized yogurt with 3 toppings. So 155php+80php =235php. I love the yogurt but if you put the yogurt as a topping on the waffle, the serving size of the yogurt seems to be a bit little less than the yogurt on the cups. Inconsistency? I think they should have a fixed price for the Yogo waffle with the standard sized yogurt topping.

I would commend the service staff at Coffeecat for they offer a very personalized way of taking care of their customers.From the guard opening the door for you to the cashier who smiles and greets you well.  Coffeecat is doing good for the first month for many had been coming back to its chic coffee shop, but will they be able to keep month old patrons and customers within the coming months as Starbucks would soon be releasing their new 2011 Planners - meaning Starbucks Patrons would soon be going back and drinking those Starbucks Signature Christmas Specials like Toffenut Latte, Peppermint Mocha and Dark Cherry Mocha. Let's see if the cat still charms Cebuanos on November. ;) 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MyJoy's New Offering!


MyJoy had always been a family favorite! If you were born in the 80's then you must've grew up eating at Mcjoy and Orange Brutus! Myjoy, or previously known as Mcjoy, is one of Cebu's fastfood chain that had captured the hearts of many Cebuanos. My Myjoy/Mcjoy favorites would be Beef Taco, Chicken, Halohalo Special and their new offering MyJoy's Hungarian Sausage

Retails at 75php, Myjoy's Hungarian Sausage is peppery spicy, juicy and meaty, topped with grated cheddar cheese in a bun with special spread.

Myjoy have 3 branches in the city: Ayala Center Cebu, Juan Luna and Asiatown IT Park.

Monday, August 9, 2010

How to tell a good Frozen Yogurt from a bad one?

Cebu suddenly had the urge for the creamy, yummy and healthy goodness of yogurt, Frozen Yogurt that is! Yogurt is an excellent source of protein, calcium, riboflavin and Vitamin B12 and Cebuanos just love  the frozen treat leading to the sudden growth of yogurt stalls and shops around the city. And how do we distinguish a good tasting yogurt from the bad ones? hmmm. That's very tricky indeed. Personally, I'd consider it good if the tartness is distinguishable and at the right amount and of course how natural the flavor is. According to a source, some yogurt stalls in the city are just using yogurt flavoring to create a tartness so the frozen delight would taste like yogurt. hmmmmm. So we have to be vigilant coz when its just artificial it means it's packed with the same calories as ice cream. I have been tasting some yogurt around the city and I must say some are rather disappointing. :(

Yogu probably is one of the first yogurt shops in Cebu and made Cebuanos a bit curious about the frozen treat. Yogu is located at #11 Gov. M. Cuenco, Banilad, Cebu City and serves Frozen Yogurt, Yogurt Crepes and Yogurt Smoothies. They opened last qarter of 2009 and sadly their frozen yogurt is not "yogurty" - meaning sourness isn't that distinguishable. On the other hand, they have lots of topping choices and unlimited free syrup, but who would want more sugar on their yogurt right? Would defeat the purpose of less calorie, less fat and guilt free dessert.


Frizberry Yogurt. Frizberry Yogurt is owned by the Mitchell Colina, who by the way was my classmate in High School.. Frizberry started making frozen yogurt a household name and friends, friends of friends and other people had kept on messaging me on FB, twitter,plurk and multiply where Frizberry is. Frizberry is located at the 2nd level of SM City Cebu (Near Salon De Rose) and probably made the frozen treat available to mainstream mall goers. Frizberry Yogurt offers 2 Flavors: Original (Sizes Small: 75php Medium:95php Large: 105php) and Strawberry(Sizes Small: 80php Medium:100php Large: 110php). single topping is priced at 15php, double topping priced at 25 and triple topping priced at 35php. Like Yogu, unlimited syrup is also available at Frizberry. They have good fruit topping choices including my all time favorite Kiwi, Grapes and Mango! Frizberry does not   thrift-sell you on the toppings. :) . Yogurt goodness is at average. Tartness is present but still lacks yogurt goodness.

 Meeeeee-yaw! Coffeecat! Probably is the one that made every Cebuano crazy about frozen yogurt! Premium frozen yogurt with the right sourness and sweetness! Large cup with 3 toppings is priced at 185php and Green tea flavor is also available for 190php for the large cup with 3 toppings! Coffecat is located at JP Morgan Building Asiatown IT Park Lahug (building across Loft).I have to admit that I myself had been hooked to Coffecat's Yogo Frozen Yogurt! To clear out the confusions, Yogu, Yogo Boy and Yogo are different. :) 

Yo-Go Boy has 2 branches in the city, one at Banilad Town Center and one at Ground Floor Sm City Cebu. 75php for a regular cup with one free topping. Not bad at all! Its sweet and creamy but tartness can barely be tasted though. 

Fruit Farm Frozen Yogurt! Available at All time Favorite or ATF in Banilad, beside Chevrolet Showroom. Probably the least yogurty tasting of all the frozen yogurts I have tasted. Below is the picture I took with my iPhone of Noe's yogurt order. And it was served with the cup deformed. hehehe. The Avocado topping was good though which rarely is an available topping at yogurt places in the city.

Creamee D-light. Available at SM and Ayala, Creamee D-lite is originally a soft Ice cream stall and ventured into the yogurt craze. Their frozen yogurt tastes much like their frozen soft ice cream but with a bit of sourness. Fruit toppings available that time was only banana and mango. Their mango tasted sour. hahaha. Compensates to the lack of sourness in the yogurt? hahaha


White Hat. Another Peehgs favorite is White Hat! Located at the 2nd level of SM City Cebu, it's a retreat after a hard days work! Guilt Free for it says 98% fat free! wootwoot! haha. A medium sided cup is at 145 with 3 toppings. They also have "Hats" available like "Health Nut Hat" which is by the way my fave Hat with different Nut toppings. Also another best seller Hat is  "Pinoy Hat" is a best seller with ChocNut and Cashew nut toppings with barquillos. Other Hat Suggestions are "Love Hat" and "Cobbler's Hat." BUt as for me my fave toppings would always be Fresh  Kiwi, Grapes, Mango and Mandarin.


So how to tell a good Frozen Yogurt from a bad one? Well definitely its up to your palate! :) Try all the yogurt stalls and explore! And share what you think about each yogurt for it serves as guide to Frozen Yogurt lovers! Looking forward to another Yogurt Shop to open next week near Grand Convention! ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Last Day of Swiss Goodness!

Today is the last day for you to experience one of the best Swiss dining in Cebu! August 8, 2010 marks the last day of the Swiss Alpine Festival at Marco Polo Cebu so be sure to drop by Cafe Marco and try the limited festival offering!

Try their Raclette Cheese with New Potatoes! Raclette Cheese is one of Switzerland's famous gourmet cheeses!

Cervelat Sausage are also served! A swiss sausage made of beef, bacon and pork rind.

 For dessert there are varieties of mouse and cookies! Aside from the Swiss dishes, you'd still be able to enjoy the international buffet! Price 975php +10% VAT dinner or lunch!