Thursday, July 30, 2009

Breakfast at UCC

UCC invited me to join 9 other food bloggers in Cebu for breakfast to educate the market on coffee quality through this educational campaign. This invitation was just in time for the launching of this blogpage, PIGGINOUTSESSIONS , dedicated for my food entries. (APPLAUSE... HEHEHE)

UCC or Ueshima Coffee Company who's story began in 1933, was established by Tadao Ueshima. To be able to produce the company's goal in giving the best coffee in every cup, UCC involves itself in the preparation of the soil, cultivating the trees and screening the beans which then planted in their company-owned coffee farmlands in Hawaii(UCC Hawaii Kona Coffee Estate), Indonesia (P.T. UCC Lintong Mandheling Coffee Estate) and Jamaica(UCC Blue Mountain Coffee Craighton Estate) .

UCC Coffee Franchices are exclusively managed by Hubert Young and has now 20 stores in the country carrying 3 concept stores, Vienna cafe, Cafe Terace and Park Cafe.

UCC Cafe Terrace located at 116 The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu, mimics a contemporary country club setting with its huge glass window, hanging lamps and wooden furniture. The earth and warm colors lend to a classy and cozy atmosphere.

The breakfast started with tasting 3 different blends and brews of UCC Coffee. We first tasted the bestseller "The UCC Blend."

UCC Blend for me would be the perfect coffee in the morning. It's mild and it's earhtly flavor compliments well with any Silogs(Tapsilog, Tocilog, etc) and Toast & Butter.

The Sumiyake Coffee, which was UCC's counterpart to espresso, was my favorite of all the 3 coffees. For me, it's best enjoyed in a cold rainy afternoon and cold nights when you have to stay awake and study or finish some stuff for work. Strong, Robust as it is, its best enjoyed with a choco chip cookie, a chocolate cake, blueberry cheesecake or waffles.

The last brew was Blue Mountain, who's beans came from Jamaica Blue Mountains and is the most expensive cup on UCC's Menu. Blue Mountain's flavor is full and finishes with a winey and liquor-ish aftertaste. Great enjoyed anytime of the day with just about any craving you have in mind.

These coffee brews are prepared using the Siphon method, a method which water is placed and heated in a flask and when water rises, it goes to the funnel filled with coffee grind, and then filtered back to the funnel.

I ordered the Filipino Breakfast Medley. The Tocino tasted good but what saddened me was the size of the chicken langonisa. I took a photo of the Breakfast Medley on the menu and the actual size of each langonisa is just half of what's on the picture on the Menu.

Took bites of what the other bloggers had too! And I would have to say that the best UCC Entree for me would be the Bangus Tinapa! Highly recommended! Havent took a picture of it though since it was all smothered by hungry forks when it arrived on the table. hehe. Other Orders by the blogger were the chestnut waffle, Choco banana Toast, Japanese sauce Omelet and Sausage waffles. And by the way, each meal goes with a cup of hot choco, Orange Juice or coffee.

Overall Experience at UCC was Great. Service was perfect! Very attentive and smiling staff! UCC's homey and earthy ambiance definitely makes customers feel comfortable. And Free Wifi! Very suitable in holding company meetings and Group activities. AND The COFFEEEE! A must try when visiting UCC!

You could contact UCC Coffee Cafe Terrace at (032) 417 1344 for more details on their coffees and menu.


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freya dy said...

love their coffeeeeee
kept me awaaaaakkkkeeee...

J-me Pikman said...

I really wish a cup of thier coffee would be right infront of me... I'M SO TIRED.... NEED COFFEE!!!!

For my blog on the UCC Coffee experience, visit this link

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