Thursday, August 6, 2009

Which La Marea Brownie Cup are you?

Restaurant: La Marea
Address: Crossroads Banilad Cebu City Branch
Food Class: Cakes, Pastries, Cookies, Bread
Contact Number 4162919
Store Schedule :9:00am till 12:00am Monday to Sunday
Mode of Payment: Cash

Before going to Vudu-oke, Greg, Shake , Edd and I had some dessert treat at La marea Crossroads. We ordered White Brownie Cup (Price: 95php) and Peach Brownie Cup (Price: 95php) !

Both Brownie cups were not as good as the original La Marea's brownie cup though. Both brownie cups have dry texture and almost gelatinous, so each spoonfull of brownie should go with a spoonfull of ice cream too. I miss Kenya's Brownie Cup(my fave brownie cup: the brownie crust was crisp, but the inside is moist and chewy and with cashew nuts), too bad they shut down! huhu. So my kaPigouts Shake, Edd, Greg, Chai, Nike and I are on the search for the new kaPigouts' Favorite Brownie Cup!

But when choosing a Brownie Cup at La Marea, I still would choose LA MAREA'S CHOCOLATE BROWNIE CUP (who made Cebu and everyone else fall in love with the brownie ala mode) over all the La Marea Brownie cup Variants.

My Ka Pigouts that night!

Edd, Shake and me!

Shake, Greg and me! And poor Greg for loosing a thousand bucks at La Marea! hehe


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Toni B. said...

I know I'm the Ala Mode... I love good brownies w/ Ice Cream.... my mouth is watering!!! :0---

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