Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yakiniku @ Tempura

Restaurant: Tempura
Address: Sm Northwing North Reclamation Area Cebu City
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: Japanese, Yakiniku
Mode of payment: Cash/Card

August 15, 2009. It was Edd's birthday, MYOH 09 and SM Mallwide sale! Traffic was so heavy that it'll take you at least 30minutes just to find a parking space! wheeeew! Edd, Greg, Shake, Malot and I were starving after buying some stuff and decided to have yakiniku at Tempura.

We had California Maki (125php for 8pcs.) for our appetizer. I find Tempura's version of Cali Maki better than Teriyaki Boy! Tempura's California Maki has bigger slices of sweet mango and crab and I love their Japanese Mayo!

Shake and Greg were so hungry and can't wait for our yakiniku sothey ordered Katsudon (150php).

We ordered Tori(chicken, price: 195php) and buta (pork, price: 195php) Yakiniku! Loved the Buta Yakiniku! Thin pork strips marinated in special Japanese soy sauce!

And Kaisen Raisu(130php) tasted great! Semi chili- semi sweet with corn kernels, crunchy string beans and carrots topped with anchovies.

After our piggin out session at Tempura, we were then off to Jed Madela's Concert at the Waterfront!


J-me Pikman said...

good experience, huh?

I got some blogs on Tempura, too, just visit em at!!!

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