Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bistro's New Texas Bake Pasta

Restaurant: Pizza Hut Bistro
Address: SM Northwing North Reclamation Cebu City
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food Class: Pasta, Pizza, Grill ( Mixed Ethnic- American, Italian, Spanish)

After E and Edd's Law class, we then met at SM Northwing for dinner. It was already 9:10pm and most restos were closed so we decided to dine at Pizza Hut Bistro. Since Shake, Greg and I already had our dinner at Don Merto's, we didn't order and became the official food tasters and scavengers of the night! LOL

My family and I usually dine at Pizza Hut Bistro after buying our groceries because my nephews and my neice love cheezy puff pizza! And everytime we dine at Bistro, there would be at least 2 orders of pasta, 1 order of salad, 1 family size pizza and 2 main entrees. Servings at Pizza Hut Bistro usually serves 2 basing on a Filipino diet.

My favorite pasta, so as with Edd and my sister, is Garlic and Shrimp Pasta. The winey-garlicky sauce infused with herbs and olive oil is heavenly! Sprinkled with minced parsely and topped with sauteed tropical shrimp!

The waiter had offered E the New Texas Baked Pasta and E was eager to try it! Spiral pasta in meatsauce topped with mozzarella cheese and strips of red bell pepper. I tasted a spoonfull of the texas bake and for some reason it tasted like pizza. : ) . Same as Bistro's Meatsauce Spaghetti and lasagna, it tasted like pizza to me.I guess it's because they use the same tomato sauce/paste and mozzarella cheese on both their pizza and pasta that's why they taste so alike. I am not a fan of Bistro's Meatsauce-based pastas because I don't like my pasta to taste like Pizza! But Pizza Hut's Lasagna Pizza is great!ME LUV LUV!

Mga Ka pigOut!

Say Prunes! hehehe. Greg, Shake, Edd, Kara and E!

Kara and E!


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