Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Limited Christmas Grabs!

Ho ho ho! Christmas is here once again! Season for gift giving, loving and forgiving, not to mention Limited Christmas Muchers! Christmas had always been one of my favorite holidays, not just because of the gifts but because everybody gets a bit nicer on December. haha. (At least some peeps gets to be a bit nice for at least a month!) Haven't been going out that much, but when I do, I check out what's new around town! So now, am on the hunt for Christmas Grabs - grabs and munchers that are offered only during the festive holiday season - Christmas! Below are a list of what I have tried so far!

1. Red Ribbon's Choco Mango Mousse -
Trying it out with a date, it definitely was a magical treat! Red Ribbon's Holiday offering to it's patrons - Choco Mango Mousse! It's  made of creamy mango mousse with mango bits on top of chocolate mousse and moist chocolate pound cake and embraced with Chocolate Ganache! Then finishing off with a scoop of Mango and Chocolate shaving. Priced at 70php per slice and 700 for the whole cake! I would also recommend their Choco Fudge Cake! Yum! 

2. CoffeeBean's Holiday Harvest - Apple Caramel Ice Blended. Well, I am not a fan of Coffee Bean's Ice Blends because they have a strong powdery base which is very distinguishable in all of their non coffee ice blends. So sadly am not a fan of their Christmas Drink! Another thing that's disappointing is that there's no whip included yet as shown on their table ads. :( You have to pay extra for the whip.  Priced at around 150php. Coffeebean also have the Planner Promo wherein you get a 2011 planner once you complete 24 stamps. 1 beverage = 1 stamp.

3. Starbucks Christmas Specials - Peppermint Mocha, Toffeenut and Praline Mocha! Probably the most exciting drinks of the season that my friends and I are crazy about, waiting every November for it to be available again. And with every drink you get a sticker and once you complete all the stickers on the Starbucks Christmas Card you get a 2011 Planner. This year you need 18 stickers (9 christmas Special and 9 regular starbucks drink) to get the Planner. 1 beverage = 1 sticker.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Marco Polo: Voyage en France 2010

Marco Polo Cebu had been bringing in different flavors from around the globe! Now they're bringing us to a gastronomic adventure to Britanny France. Britanny, an administrative and cultural region in the northwest of France, has a rich heritage and of course flavors!

Known for their white wines, cider English tea (Britanny is the 2nd largest cider producer in France) crepes and pink granite coast, Marco Polo Cebu is not wrong bringing Britanny's food and culture in Cebu!

French Creperie Soiree, Beaujolais French Film and Music presented by Marco Polo Cebu is a celebration of the culture and heritage through food, music and movie sharing French goodness to Cebuanos!

 Cheese master giving a talk about cheeses!

 A variety of cheeses for every cheese lover's cravings!
I had a serving of 8 different cheeses that day!
(Dark cloud appearing) buwahaha

 Fresh french scallops with cheese and parsley and red bell peppers!

 Squid rings stuffed with meat in a red light sauce garnished with spring onions! Yum!

Crepe with french butter in a light ginger white wine sauce!

Dessert Dessert! My fave! Macaroons I love!

You can have a taste of Britanny France by dining at Cafe Marco! Call 32 253 1111 for reservations
or call 8888 168 toll free if your in Manila.

Thanks to Belle for the invite!

Monday, November 1, 2010

What's New at Red Ribbon!

No soda, no fries, less rice! I had been counting calories for more than a month now but I always give in to my sweet cravings! Cakes is one of the strongest temptations that's nearly impossible for me to resist. New at Red Ribbon is their Choco Fudge Cake! It's chocolatey and gooey goodness makes it irresistably and delectably delicious! 3 layers of thick chocofudge in 3 layers of moist chocolate cake! I just love the new Red Ribbon Choco Fudge! So as the other peehgs!

Another new offering at Red Ribbon surely will make everybody add this one to their Red Ribbon favorites! If you like chicharon then you will love the crispiness of Red Ribbon's new offering Crispy Chicken! Crispy fried chicken strips with sweet mango barbeque sauce sprinkled with spring onions. Comparing it to Chowking's Orange Chicken, their sauces are a bit similar, it's just that Chowking's Orange Chicken is a bit tangy sweet while Red Ribbon's Crispy Chicken is sweet and a bit tarty.

Red Ribbon's Crispy Chicken  can be bought ala carte or a meal (with Cake and Softdrink). Price at 90php and 150php respectively.


Red Ribbon Mango will soon be opening this November 2010!