Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Know your Starbucks Baristas!

Shop: Starbucks
Branch: Asiatown IT Park Lahug Cebu City
Food: Coffee, Pastries, Sandwhiches, Tea
Mode of Payment: Cash/ Card

Being a frequent of Starbucks (Ayala, IT Park and SM Branches) I've get the chance to know these friendly people making my favortie frap or grinding and pressing my favorite beans.

Starbucks Coffee Master Jo with baristas Joyce and Cheekie.

Starbucks Coffee Masters are those in Black Aprons with Starbucks Coffee Master Logo. So what exactly is a Starbucks Coffee Master? First of all, they must be completely informed, inside and out, about all of the coffees that Starbucks offers. This includes the regional selections, .com and grocery store exclusives , seasonal and limited availabilities as well as Starbucks core coffees. Starbucks Coffee Masters must know where the beans are grown, what they taste like, how that particular bean is processed, and what the origin notes of any particular Starbucks coffee are. So if you see a Starbucks Coffee Master on your next visit, ask them on what's their personal favorite or what coffee is suitable for staying up late or whatever! hehe.

And always remember to give your friendly yet hardworking Starbucks Baristas a big smile! You know they deserve it, after all they make your Starbucks experience a little more homey! : )


morbid said...

camwhore man pud diay.

bitaw, bisan gikapoy na sila ready gihapon to flash a big smile.

dapat pud nimo panggaon kay tingali'g sunod balik hiluan ka? hahaha..

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

Buwahahaha. hiluan gyud? LOL

cathrin said...

Baristas coffee shop are famous for good tasty coffee....i always drink coffee at baristas coffee shop..tell me the way you make the coffee...

cathrin disusa
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Toni B. said...

Thnx for this....

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