Monday, August 10, 2009

Habhab sa Jacobo's Bistro!

Restaurant Name: Jacobo's Bistro (pronounced as Hacobo's)
Address: Block 8 Lot 3, Asiatown IT Park Apas lahug Cebu City
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: Pasta, Salads, soups, sandwhiches, noodles (Filipino, American)

August 9, 2009. It's iLearners Inc. Incorporators Night! The signing of papers was scheduled at dinner time at Jacobo's Bistro. We have called the management for the reservation so they could prepare a table for us and told them that we will be using a projector for our presentation. But unfortunately there was no white screen for us to use for our presentation. huhu and worst part is that there is no electric outlet to plug the laptop and the projector. So we have to use the plug across our table which people kept on tripping over. Lesson learned (Jacobo's is not suitable for meetings, it's a place to chill out)!

I have already met the owner and the manager of Jacobo's last month because of the blog I made about Jacobo's Bistro during their second day of opening in Cebu!And I have to admit I love their Crispy Pata (Price: 295php) and their Carribean Fruit Punch(Price: 100php)!

We had Bistro Fries(Price: 170php) for our appetizer. Fresh potato slices deep fried til golden brown and poured with cheese spread (tastes like Cheez Whiz, hehe).
Pesto and Tuna Spaghetti (should be Fettuccini, not spaghetti), has a good pesto taste with minced & crushed fresh basil leaves, crushed garlic, parsley, grated hard cheese and olive oil.

Salt & Peppered Spare Ribs(Price: 175php)! hehe. One of My Jacobo's Fave, though the serving we had last night wasn't that good as before. Sweet-peppery taste! Great as a beer muncher!

Pepper Crusted Tuna Steak (Price: 295php). It's cooked medium rare in a pepper crust. The pepper cancels the fish aftertaste. Am not a fan of fish dishes though. : )

And Carribean Fruit Punch (Price: 200php) is made out of citrus fruits! Very fresh and tangy! Though I would prefer Tara's Mambo number 5 over this pitchered drink. Nonetheless it tastes great! I love oranges! hehe


Toni B. said...

Ah, I love how you described the fruit punch - I'm craving something so fruity and refreshing!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

ai bati ang jacobos bistro hugaw ila kusina daghan ok ok ila 4 frying sege balik2x kinamoton ra pagtaste sa kusinero ang food ila isda dli fresh ang cook dli kabalo motrapo sa ila singot sege yulo

Anonymous said...

ila amo kusug mangelkil working in costum cebu maau unta ug atakihon na sa highblood gepiste na seya

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