Friday, August 21, 2009

Bigby's Cafe!

Restaurant: Bigby's Cafe
Branch: 3rd Level The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu
Food: Grill, Pasta, Salad (Mixed Ethnic, American, Italian, Mexican)
Restaurant Type: casual Dining
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card
Contact Number: (63-32) 2342495

August 20, 2009. Edd, Shake, Choi and Zen were chillin at the Terraces waiting for me to log off from work. It was already 830pm and my wormies are now grumbling! And we are off to Bigby's Cafe!

Since everyone else have already eaten their dinner, I was the only person who ordered an entree. For appetizers, I ordered a Full Tijuana Quesadilla with Mexican Chicken (Price: 185php). Flour tortilla flavored with cheese and garlic and with Mexican Chicken! The Fresh Salsa made this appetizer delectable.

I ordered Rodeo Chops( Price: 220php). Two large slices of porkchops marinated and grilled side dished with buttered string beans. You could choose between gravy or cranberry for your sauce. The meat was tender but it's texture was dry. And the marinate was overpowered by the cranberry sauce that you could barely taste the meat marinate. : (

Edd and Choi ordered Strawberry Shake(Price: 65php)! Frozen strawberries blended with crushed ice and topped with a piece of strawberry fruit! Mmmmmm!

And a photo requested by the peeps on the counter! LOL

And my kapigouts that night!


Neil Adrian Matillano said...

hmmm somehow marelate nako ang bigby's to my first taste of baby back ribs... but wala kaayo ko gimingaw ani....

Doy request.... please feature Dessert Factory... ;) included in my must-visit list everytime I visit cebu...

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

Nahan sad ko Dessert Factory! but we recently had a bad experience didto neiloy. kami nila Kara. hehehe. She even made a write up sa sunstar about the bad service. But yup will definitely be back at Dessert Factory for the pork belly, buffalo wings, mashed potato, boneless crispy pata! weeee

Toni B. said...

Not a fan of bigby's, but I'll try next time... for my terraces entries, visit!!!!

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