Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Hearty Meal at Don Merto's

Restaurant: Don Merto's Deli and Resto
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: Steaks, Salads, Soups ( American/Italian)
Address: SM Northwing Branch North Reclamation Area Cebu City
Contact Number: +63.32.253-5563 | +63.32.253-5564

After Shake and I had Komodo Dragon Press drinking session at Starbucks, we then headed to Don Merto's for dinner. I ordered chicken asparagus soup and a quarter pounder Hearty Burger.

I started the meal with Ciabatta (Italian Bread) with butter spread.

Then I tried the Chicken Asparagus Soup (Price: 100php), my first time to order this at Don Merto's. The aroma of the soup was a combination of fresh spring onion and chicken broth. At first sip, a strong chicken taste clouded my mouth, which I did not enjoy. It was oily and tasted very close to chicken essence.

And my main entree, Don Merto's Quarter Ponder Hearty Burger (Price: 130php)! This is my 3rd time to order a Hearty Burger. I just love the soft Juicy beef patty! It's patty has a hint of ground pepper cancelling the greasy and oily after taste of the beef patty. Cheese, Grilled onion rings, lettuce and tomatoes are sandwhiched between the buns and the patty. Coleslaw, fries and Tomato catsup are served with the Hearty Burger.

And for dessert, everyone's all time favorite, BELGIAN CHOCOMINT COOKIES (Price: 597php for 600grams)! As per Greg, "Its Chocolate with cookies!" hahaha. Amazingly Delicious!

And yeah for those who love roast beef, you would enjoy the Don Merto's Eat All you Can Angus Roast Beef on Wednesdays and Eat all you can Prime Rib on Fridays! : )


Anonymous said...

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Toni B. said...

I'll try going there during weds and fris!!!!



Anonymous said...

good for you Andrew...for me, i have a terrible horrible experience in Don Merto's SM. and i will never go back there. everything is soaked with bouillon. pasta taste like bouillon soup. pork chop also taste bouillon and spinach dip also. its such a waste of money that we cannot eat it, and find another place.

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