Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ti Amo Roma Mia!

Restaurant: Roma Mia, i2 bldg. Asiatown I.T. Park Branch, Lahug Cebu City
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food Class: Pasta, Pizza, Grill (Italian/American)

31st July 2009, after attending the SM Northwing Wifi Launch, Edd, Sinjin, Shake, Jorich and I went to I.T. Park to meet Pao and have dinner. I love Roma Mia's Godfather Chops in herb Sauce so I suggested we eat there. We have eaten at Roma Mia countless times but this is the first time I blog about Roma Mia. hehe

I and Sinjin ordered Godfather Chops in Herb Sauce(Price: 198php), Shake ordered Godfather Chops in Gravy Sauce (Price: 170php) and Edd ordered Mobster Meal(Price: 160php: an IT Park Exclisive) Baby Back Ribs with Iced Tea (Price: 70php).

If you like herbs then you will love Roma Mia's Godfather Chops in Herb Sauce. Minced Herbs (probably Thyme, Ground Pepper and Oregano) in olive oil! The tender meat of the chops compliments well with the herbs. Side dish are a corn slice, 2 short carrot sticks and 2 short bean sticks. I ordered a glass of refillable Iced tea with my chop.

As for the Godfather Chop in gravy sauce, tender chops in a bed of semi sweet gravy. Side dish is corn slice, 2 short carrot sticks and 2 short bean sticks.

Baby Back Ribs grilled but not overdone and brushed with sweet barbeque sauce! Side dish is 2 short carrot blocks. But would personally prefer Tara's Cafe Version over Roma Mia's Baby Back Ribs.

I just love Roma Mia's Godfather Chops. I have ordered both chops(in herb sauce and gravy sauce) at their Ayala Branch, though their's a little inconsistency with the porkchop size and quantity of the sauce, and would say have to say both are my favorite chops of all time! hehe

But of course, not everyone loves herbs right? If you don't like herbs, then definitely you'd not be pleased with Godfather chops in herb sauce. Order the Godfather Chops in Gravy sauce instead. : )

Service at Roma Mia would sometimes go lousy though, which i think is the downside of the resto. Nonetheless, would go back for those yummy and flavorful Chops!

Mr. Lion The tiger sitting in the cozy Roma Mia IT Park Branch!


Neil Adrian Matillano said...

godfather chops!!! the best... it used to be 2 pieces per order... isa nalang lagi? recession?

Doyzkie said...

There's a single chop and 2 chops order. but i cant consume 2 chops so usa ra ako gi order neiloy. hehe

shaker said...

yum yum grandfather chops! I would definitely recommend it to the famished ones! LOL!

Toni B. said...

Respect the chop... or die... :p

visit my food blogs at!!!

Anonymous said...

Roma Mia's Godfather Chops in herb sauce will knock out Manny Pacquiao. Just love it sooooooooooo much. Thanks Mark

Anonymous said...

thank you for patronizing at roma mia.
unfortunately my store is closed due to the ayala mall expansion.
i will be opening the store by mid of 2013..

hope to see you there...

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