Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mooon Cafe!

Restaurant Name: Mooon Cafe
Branch Address: 2nd Level The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu 6000
Food: Mexican, Steaks, Pizza (Mexican, mixed ethnic but mexican infused)
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Mode of payment: Cash/Card

August 13, 2009. Greg has to give me the papers for iLearners Inc. which Cathy and Kara signed that morning after their morning show "Maayong Buntag Kapamilya" on ABS CBN so Atty. Ethelbert can finalize them. It was already 830PM and my wormies are crying out loud for some pig out session! We then decided to eat at Mooon Cafe after a 15-minute debate on where to dine. hahaha

We started the meal with chimichanga (84php). Semi-chili ground beef in sour cream, cheese and salsa wrapped in a crisp tortilla and topped with iceberg lettuce. It should have been better if there was cayene pepper on the ground beef. : )

Pork Sisig (140php). Fattening! hahaha. Pork Liver, tendons and other stuff, and topped with cheese? For me the cheese killed the taste!

I ordered my Mooon Favorite, Mooon BBQ(120php)! 6 sticks of Pork Barbeque marinated in semi sweet sauce! Yum! Doyzkie recommends this! : )

Greg's pick was Beef Tips(170php)! Beef tips(Sauteed) and served in a sizzling plate topped with gravy and onion rings. A hint of chili and semi sweet gravy.

And for our drink,large order of SUN COOLER (php130)! Sugar based liquid(tastes like Tang, hehehe) with lemon, calamansi and watermelon!

And yeah, Mooon Cafe is one of a few restos with Bag hangers on their tables so you don't have to let your bag sit on a chair when your dining at Mooon! Weeeeee. And another thing, I hope management can do something about the often(not all the time, but often. hehehe) lousy service. hahay!


Neil Adrian Matillano said...

this is place is also one of my all-time favorite resto in cebu! glad you posted it.. ;) casa verde napud sunod nya!

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

hahaha.Yup! naa nako mga restos na dapat balikan and ifeature. hehehe. para sad makatabang sa mga mubisita sa cebu. hehehe

Toni B. said...

When we were at the new branch at robinson's cybergate, the manager himself served us the dishes and they came pretty fast... anyhow,

for our very blog about the MOOON CAFE LOL why three o's..., visit!!!

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