Monday, August 10, 2009

Teriyaki Boy!

Restaurant: Teriyaki Boy
Address: 204 2nd floor The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: Japanese
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

August 10, 2009. After our meeting with ABS CBN KWK dancers at Starbucks, we were starving. It was around 8pm and we were craving for some Japanese. The nearest Japanese Resto was Teriyaki Boy! Been to Teriyaki Boy countless of times for it's good location and a very good place to meet up with friends.

I just love California Maki. Sweet Mango Cubes with crabmeat wrapped in Nori Seaweed and Japanese rice crusted with fish caviar! Yum! But Teryaki Boy's version is not that good. You could barely taste the crab and sometimes mango cube is too small you could barely taste the mango.The best California Maki I have tasted is at "Nonki" (SM City Cebu Fiesta Strip).

Sukiyake Beef Rice Bowl(Price: 155php) was my order that night. All I can say is that it was really oily. It was suppose to come with raw egg which I specifically instructed not to put in the bowl because of my triglycerides issue. hehe. I was not even halfway my bowl when I stopped eating. Some people like oily and bacony food, so peeps who are into these food definitely would love Sukiyaki Beef Rice Bowl. But this was just not for me!

Greg's order was Katsudon Rice Bowl (Price: 160php). This was a fave of mine before until it tasted strongly like MSG or something. I enjoyed its semi sweet, a little smokey taste before which my taste buds grew tired off.

Edd's Order was Gyoza (Price: 110php) with Yakimeshi (Price: 48php). For some reason, you'd notice that Teriyaki Boy's dishes has a little taste that is the same with the other fried entrees. Probably they use the same seasoning for all the main entrees. Edd said he can make a better version of Gyoza. hehe

Ahhh! Shakes! I love Fruit Shakes! And i love both Teriyaki Boy's Mango (Price: 65php) and Watermelon Shakes (Price: 65php) which comes in a slender sexy glass! raaawr! hehe. It's fresh and a real thirst quencher.


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Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...


Neil Adrian Matillano said...

wala lagi ko kabantay ani na post... anyway, i'll give this one a try.... another request for feature kay Ramen store padulong sa sykes asia.. not sure if naa pa didto... just before you reach offroads. One of the more authentic japanese ramen i've tried... very close to my all-time favorite Ichiran Ramen in Tokyo.

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

try their mapo tofu or wafu steak-- my T-Boy faves! :)

Toni B. said...

I ever tried teriyaki boy cuz I always have this philosophy of japanese foods being expensive - and I'm really not close to being a hint of rich....

but as soon as I will become, visit my food blog to see!!!!

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