Monday, October 12, 2009

Manila Special: Green Halo

Restaurant Name: Green Halo
Address: Cubao Expo Quezon City
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: Filipino
Mode of Payment: Cash

Green Halo, a restaurant owned by friends Jaja Valencia and Halmen Valdez, has been around for 2 years now. Serving organic food at affordable prices, you would never go wrong! Located at where the artistic and talented people hang out, Cubao Expo, Halo has been a hit to young artists, call center agents and health conscious people who wants a healthy lifestyle. One of the owners Jaja, whom I met last year during a Couchsurfer Party, has invited us to come.

With barely 2 hours of sleep for 2days, I with Louie and Greg, went to Cubao Expo beating the heavy traffic from MOA to Quezon City. Gladly, with crumbling stomachs, we had arrived at Halo at 8pm. Halmen, who is studying law and one of the owners greeted us and we started the piggin out session. This is my second time dining at Halo and without any bias, I love Halo! My Halo faves would be the veggie burger and the malunggay pasta!

Halo's Humba is a new addition to their menu. Instead of using pork, Halo used gluten which is made of soy, a good source of protein.

Another dish was the Puso ng Saging patty with Mashed potato. Halo's Mashed potato is made from pure potatoes with no extenders, and to season it, added are pepper and salt. A must try! and don't forget to dip it on SOYANAISE, Halo's veggie version of Mayonnaise.

And one of my Halo Fave, the Malunggay Pasta (Price: 95php)! Made out of organic Moringga leaves crushed into olive oil to make a perfect healthy pasta! Tastes a lot like Pesto but milder.

Tuna Pastel! Halo's version of the filipino loved dish, chicken pastel, but instead of using chicken they used tuna.

Green Halo Siopao whose mantao is made of organic wheat flour and insides are veggies and stuff. I love it! And doesn't taste like veggies at all.

My favorite Halo Drink is Tarragon Shake! I loved it so much I had 2 and a half glass serving! hehehe. What's it made off? Organic Tarragon herb!

Malunggay and Rhum Cupcakes! Very yummy!

My kapigouts!

Roy, Halmen, Homer, Louie and Greg


J-me Pikman said...

Hmm looks great!!!!

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Kendi said...

lami jud diri. i remember the scent of sweet basil every time i think of this place!

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