Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Restaurant: Nonki
Branch: SM City Cebu Fiesta Strip
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Mode of Payment: Cash/ Card
Food: Japanese

Another lazy afternoon, Edd, Greg and I were strolling around SM and craved for some Japanese for lunch. It was already 2 and yeap we are used to having late lunches and dinners due to our very hectic schedule. hehe. A good Japanese resto inside SM is Nonki! Service is great and the food is good!

Before starting the meal, we were given wet towels with moisturizer to cleanse our hands. Misu soup and potato coleslaw were also served compliments of Nonki!

I love California Maki! And definitely one of the best Cali Maki I had was Nonki's! Their Bento meals are well seasoned and are gratifying. Their Ebi tempura are whole tiger shrimps unlike some other resto wherein the cut the shrimps into half.


Shake said...

"Service is great and the food is good!" -- I agree babe! been here with Edd and Ache... I luv their bentos and definitely luv the been sprouts.. haha! watever they call that in Japanese.. ;)) lol!

eloise_d said...

homer and I ate in sm nonki. I didn't like it too much. I was sapot sapot and we didnt have the time to go to banilad so homer took me there in sm nonki nalang . Mas lami ang chirorin.

Toni B. said...

THNX FOR THAT MOUTH WATERIN' POST.... I love japanese food... A lot...

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