Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Manila Special: Zao Vietnamese Cafe

Restaurant: Zao Vietnamese Cafe
Branch: Eastwood City
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: Vietnamese
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

Ir's already 10am and we were still at Ciege's condo in Eastwood! We were flying light as we literally are hearing our stomachs grumbling. hehehe. But what's great about Ciege's condo is that there's restaurants open 24/7.

With burnt out faces, we stroll around Eastwood looking for a good place to eat. We found Zao Vietnamese Cafe at a corner space of Eastwood looking very amiable. When we entered, we were greeted with warm smiles by the staff. Iced water was then served( we must looked very parched that time, hehehe) which I gulped half way at one sip. wheeeew. It was really humid that day. We then were asked for our orders. We ordered the Homestyle Braised Pork and Curried Chicken. I had a glass of refillable Tamarind Juice(Price: 95php) which I consumed a whooping 5 glass servings (not including the in-between refills)! hahahaha.

Homestyle Braised Pork(Price: 225php) has a hint of sweetness and the tender pork was good. Spare ribs and quail egg simmered in caramelized soy glaze.

Curried Chicken(Price: 265php) was a little light for me.I followed Chef Anton's (Kris Aquino's Fave Thai Chef) advice on how to eat curry which was to eat Curry Dish first before anything else to enjoy the full curry flavor which I did, but Zao's curried chicken was really light. The chicken was tender though which was good. Zao's Curried Chicken is simmered in red curry sauce with sweet potatoes, eggplant and mushroom.

With our stomachs full and the great service, we were happy!


Anne Lorraine Uy said...

Is that the same ZAO here in Cebu? Their set up style looks really different. This ZAO really looks like a minimalistic styled restaurant while I remember the ZAO here having a vintage-inspired design. Haha. Vintage ba toh basta lahiii jud.

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

Sa Manila ni nga Zao Anne. hehe

Toni B. said...

Nice place.... I enjoy reading restaurant reviews - cuz we don't go out much, but I just read and see reviews on the different dishes, and I get inspired so I know what to cook next!!!


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