Friday, November 6, 2009


Shop: Macbay
Address: One Acacia Place, Acacia Road & Arch Bishop Reyes Road Cebu City
Type: Coffee and Internet Lounge
Food: Coffee, Juices and Snakcs
Tel. No. (63)(32) 417-1445
Mode of Payment: Cash

Macbay had been creating a buzz to students and professionals which had earned itself one of Cebuanos' favorite meet/study/chill out places. With free Wifi Access, students can enjoy a cup of coffee while doing research and people chilling out can check their Farms at FB's Farmtown/Farmville!

With comfy chairs and warm interiors, Macbay is trully inviting. On the contrary, the food and drinks at Macbay is not as delightful as the place, basing from what we had during our Macbay experience. Macbay's "Big Thinker's Mocha Mint" (Price: 88php) and the "Macbay Orange Frap (Price: 128php)" was kinda humdrum. The Big Thinkers Mocha Mint looks fantastic though but the taste was a little too light on the Mint hint and the Macbay Orange Frap, tastes like coffee and orange soda. hehe

And the sandwhich we ordered was cold. So much like our everyday home sandwich! ; )

The place is very conducive for studying though. Laid back, quiet and relaxing. I hope they already have printed more of their MENU because there was only one that time. We even waited for the other table to finish ordering before we had our hands on the MENU. Or maybe customers have to go to the counter to order. hmmmm. which is which?


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Wow... and where in cebu is this pa man?

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