Sunday, November 1, 2009


Restaurant: Cabalen
Address: SM City Cebu North Reclamation Area Cebu City
Food: Filipino Food
Restaurant Type: Buffet
Mode of payment: Cash

Eat all you can, eat all you want, Cabalen has been serving Cebuanos for more than 2 months now. Cabalen, a Capamgpangan word for "kababayan", is showcasing Capampangan and Filipino Faves like Beringhe, Bulalo, Kalderetang Baka, Gata Kuhol, Dinuguan, Inihaw Na Hito w/ Buro Hipon, Cabalen Sisig, Camaru, Sampelot & Tibok-Tibo to Cebuanos.

Tere(Cabalen's MT Shift Supervisor)tells us on an interview how Cebuanos are very picky with almost anything, and gladly Cabalen has been embraced by Cebuanos with open arms. For 298php per person not bad for a course of more than 15 dishes and a halo halo bar.

Growing up in a Tagalog household, I am a big fan of Tagalog Dishes and I love Karekare and bagoong. The Cabalen karekare might be on the light side(taste wise) but the bagoong made it a whole lot better! I also love Crispy Kangkong dipped in Mayo! yum! Pancit! yumyum!

We also asked Tere which Cabalen pasalubong items are big hits ad bagoong and Taba ng Talangka are Cabalen's Customer Favorites.

Mga Kapigouts! Friends and Family!


Anonymous said...

some of my friends have bad reviews about this place..

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

@Anonymous - :). Taste is pretty much very subjective. one may like it and others might not. Personally, for 298php buffet, it was not bad.And I love their Karekare with bagoong(but i had better though, Golden Cowrie and Cafe Laguna, Yum)! hehehe.

Anonymous said...

their crispy kangkong that night wasn't as crispy as expected. it was almost soft. eloise asked me for one piece and had to put it back on my plate after one bite, probably because she was afraid she'd get charged for that unfinished kangkong leaf as per their "no leftover" policy.

Anonymous said...

are there drinks bottomless?

Anonymous said...

anything special for valentines day?

Toni B. said...

Did u guys ever try Chika-an sa Cebu? No? Well, ur missing out... Of course Cafe Laguna is the best, but Chika-an sa Cebu is better than Golden Cowrie places these days...

For more on the battle between the filipino foods, visit!!!

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