Monday, November 9, 2009

Dessert Factory!

Restaurant: Dessert Factory
Branch: The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu
Food: American, Filipino
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

After a very bad experience at Dessert Factory last July, Edd, Shake and I had made peace with Dessert Factory. Dessert Factory did offer us Gift Certificates after the story was printed on Sunstar Newspaper through Kara's Column but we hadn't had a chance to get it because we plainly forgot to claim them. LOL.

Yeah, obvoiusly we dined again at Dessert Factory. Undoubtly the best mashed potato (Price: 30php)I ever had in my entire life! Smooth, Fine, Creamy and oozing with hot gravy is just heavenly! (Good thing there was no sticker on the mashed potato this time)

My family, specially my bro Reymond and his wife Karla, loves Dessert Factory's Buffalo Wings, Pork Belly, Boneless Crispy Pata, Kinamatisang Kawali and almost everything on the Menu! hahaha. That dinner, I was about to order the Pork Belly, which is another personal fave of mine, but I saw a "new" marking on red ink on the menu and the first entree on the grilled section and thought it's time I try a new dish! So I ordered Chicken Tandoori (Price: 175php). Chicken Fillet marinated in Dessert Factory's home made yogurt mixed with toasted whole spices and grilled Indian Style. I love the taste of yogurt and spice on the Chicken. It's semi sweet and mildly spiced at the same time. Another addition to my Dessert Factory Fave List!

Dessert Dessert! For some reason Dessert Factory supposedly should excel in the dessert area because their "DESSERT FACTORY" but their food is way way much better than their desserts! And another thing about the dessert places here(talking about most of the Dessert Places in Cebu) is that dessert servings are small and lacks the fancy smanchy stuff like drizzles of choco syrup or choco/sugar powder sprinkled on the plate. An "E" for presentation! Epic Fail! hehehehe.

Enough with the rants for the meantime. For dessert we had the "Achocolypse Now!" (Price: 80php). It's a combination of 4 chocolate cakes in 1! Choco Cheesecake, Choco Walnut Ganache, Choco Extreme and Choco Pudding & frosting! It was too sweet for me that I had enough after 3 small fork cut servings. Enjoyed the Choco Walnut Ganache part though!


Shake said...

yummy cake but you can't really say that it looks good enough to eat at plain sight! LOL! i loved the pudding part!! choco monster!!! yum yum desserts!

Toni B. said...

Whew, I almost ate the cake picture monitor part!!!!

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Jerome said...

been there last Aug, yeah, I agree. Didn`t really enjoy their pastries.

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