Thursday, November 5, 2009

Golden Brown Banana Barrel Ala Mode

It was a special day for Kara, Edd, Pao, Greg, Tonton and I as Chef Nilo Sayman of Ambassador's Cafe showed us how to make one of the Cafe's Signature Desserts, Golden Brown Banana Barrel Ala Mode! And this is a special blog post for my Piggin Out Sessions page for this is my Golden blog Entry! weeeee.

3 Large Bananas
1 Cup Evaporated Milk
1 Cup Bread Crumbs
1 Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream
Choco Syrup

Start by cutting diagonally the large bananas into half and roll unto evaporated milk. Let it sit for a minute or two. Then roll the bananas in bread crumbs.

Then pour oil into pan and directly put the bananas into the pan not waiting the oil to heat up to prevent the bananas from getting too soft. Then wait til golden brown. Then set into a plate forming a star design.

Put a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and drizzle it with chocolate syrup! Serves 2-3 persons!

Ambassador's Cafe is located at 168 Corner Rosal and Tojong Street Camputhaw Cebu City. Tel. No. 2335711.


cleo said...

looks yummy. doy, unsa ni nga type of banana? lakatan, tundan, saba.... ill definitely make this when i get back. hehehh

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

@ Cleo -Lakatan Cling. hehe

Shake said...

i'm a sucker for bananas with milk and chocolate and ice cream... himu.i ko babe! num num man ni oe!

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

@Shake - wala naman babe. amo na gihabhab. nyahehehe

Shake said...

nyahahaha! bring me here on my bday.. LOL!

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

@Shake - weeee. Manlibre ka babe! kewl!

Toni B. said...

Thnx for that recipe!!!

For my recipe blogs, visit yummy-cebu.ccom - no lying we got recipes too!!!!

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