Monday, September 14, 2009

Singapore Special: Sakura Intl. Buffet

Restaurant: Sakura International Buffet
Address: 321 Orchard Shopping Center #02-16 Singapore 238866
Restaurant Type: Buffet
Food: Thai, Japanese, American
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card
Contact No. : (65) 6735 8197

September 3, 2009. My college friends and I had scheduled a dinner get together. It was already 7pm and JB was there sitting in a bench at Orchard who then suggested that we eat at Sakura. We, then met up with couple Cher and Robert, Neiloy and Mark. Mae wasn't able to make it though because she overslept. hehehe

We then went inside the lobby where we were waited to be seated and paid for the buffet. Thanks so much to Neiloy for treating me! weeee. Sakura Dinner Buffet costs 26SGD+/897PHP per person.

Serving varieties of Western, Oriental and Japanese food, it's definitely a feast! Food are cooked fresh right after you ordered. We started the meal with Lamb Chops! The lamb chop tasted like pork chop but had a blunt taste. Nonetheless, it was good.

I also had the Thai dish, Satay! I love satay! The nutty sweet sauce, yuuuuum!

Varieties of Sushi are prepared infront of you to assure you that they are fresh! The California Maki and the Egg Maki was a bit dry though. I enjoyed the chili crab and siomais, that i went back for a few more servings.

I helped myself with a bountiful serving of Kiwi, Grapes, Oranges and watermelon! weeee! And the ice cream! ahhhhh

The food may not be that excellent and the place may be a little bit crowded, for 26SGD+, it was definitely worth it! And yeah, one of the cooks had versed me not to take pics of the buffet counter and chef's area because its prohibited. hmmmm.

Mga Ka PigOuts:

Peeps from the other table. LOL

JB, Cher, Robert, Mark and Neiloy


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