Thursday, September 10, 2009

East West has lost its direction?

Restaurant: East, West
Address: The Walk, Asiatown I.T. Park Lahug Cebu City
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: Mixed Ethnic(American, Filipino)
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

After a hectic shoot for iLearnersat Lunas Elementary School in Carcar, Shake, Greg and I went to I.T. Park to meet Edd and Pao for dinner. We were craving for East West's Mango Sushi so we decided to have dinner there as well.

I ordered the Chicken Fillet with an Italian twist(Price: 1pc: 135php/2pc: 165php). For me it tasted like a chicken fillet in a sweet tomato/barbeque sauce, nothing Italian at all! I expected it to be herby and in olive oil. Not to mention serving size shrinked compared to their branches before in Ayala Center and Mango Ave, which are now closed.

Sizzling Salisburry Steak (Price: 105php/ served with egg: 120php)! 2 beef juicy patties drizzled with semi sweet mushroom gravy sauce. The sauce was little salty but the patty was great.

East West's Big chops (Price: 165php) tasted very Filipino, more like pork belly tocino. Sweeeeet! And the serving was not that big as before.

I ordered Mango Strawberry slush(Price: 85php). Tastes good but again the serving has shrinked!

Sneaking in the Kitchen, this is how the crepe was prepared! Wooooaah! I love East West Mango Sushi(Price: 145php)!

Overall, East West had shrinked their meals and some of the dishes tastes had also changed. They used to served BIG and good food but now its like it poofed to a tiny serving and quality diminished. And they don't served unlimited ice tea no more. huhuhu. Loved East West Iced Tea's mango/pineapple-ey taste! But one thing for sure, I STILL AM IN LOVE WITH THEIR MANGO SUSHI! weeeee


Toni B. said...

Ah.... I miss the old east,west branch over in the oval portion in Ayala... we always went there for refreshments in between the shopping... I always drank 3 or 4 glasses of the bottomless... Hahaha... I remember once, the Iced Tea was really "bottomless", cuz went I got the glass to take a sip, the bottom of the glass just popped out... and all the Iced Tea went on the table - but I couldn't stop laughing though... HAHA.... For my food blogs, visit haha... lol, :)

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