Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tandoori: A taste of Persia

Restaurant: Tandoori
Address: Parkmall Mandaue City
Food: Persian, Middle east
Restaurant Type: Casual
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

(Sorry about the pic quality, used my iPhone to take the pics)

It was before Vito Selma's "Namib" Photo Exhibit when we dined at Tandoori (A Persian Palate sister restaurant) . Shake, Onyot and I had to buy SD Card for my camera since I left mine at home before heading to the exhibit at the Gallery Banilad when we had a sudden urge for something Persian.

We ordered Musaka/ Moussaka (180php). Minced kebab beef cooked in tomato sauce and herbs, onion and garlic with sauteed eggplant topped with cream cheese. I so love this dish and the smell and taste of fresh butter complements well with the beef kebab.

We also ordered kofta (ground Beef and lamb) kebab which came with cucumber slices and grilled tomatoes. This is best when rolled with Naa'n (15php/piece). Yum!

Drinks? Dont ever order Labni! hahaha. its so sour like old milk! really! If your not used in drinking sour yogurt then dont order this!

Making fun with the paintings! hehehehe


Shake said...

yum yum Moussaka! will definitely go back to Tandoori for it! you're right babe, sooo luv the smell and taste of the cream cheese! I was hesitant to eat it at first bec. I'm no fan of eggplants, but when we put over the beef and cream cheese on it??? two words, "what eggplant?" LOL!

And the Labni? ugh! aweful! but generally, it was a great dining experience.

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...


Toni B. said...

Labni is also what the Mongolians used during feasts after they won an important battle - only theirs is so old it becomes alcoholic....

At least thats what you said about labni, being sour and all....

Well, nice blog!!! I'll try visiting the restaurant!!!! If you guys might know the recipes on some of the stuff you've tasted, pls. post it on yummy-cebu!!!

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