Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Bad Experience at Spice Fusion!

Restaurant: Spice Fusion
Branch: Sm City Northwing
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Food: Asian
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

(Sorry for the picture quality, used my iphone to take the pics)

Spice Fusion is a blend of several Asian cuisines from Malaysia, Thailand and etc. My college friends Kansah, Dexter, Pipo, Jill, Boboy, Hannah and Ronald loved their BTC (Banilad Town Center Branch) and had frequent dinner meetings there because of good food and service. On the other hand, my family and I had several bad experiences with their branch at SM City Cebu Northwing and had another during dinner a few hours back. After work ing out, Shake, Edd, Nike, Greg, Onyot and I were starving and had Deep fried lapu-lapu craving and decided to dine at Spice Fusion Sm City Cebu Branch. Since it was a bit humid inside we decided to sit at the al fresco area of the resto. After the waiter took our orders, they had the placemats, plates and utensils placed at the side of our table and left , making us set our own table as they mingled with each other.

We started the dinner with roti (90php), a malaysian flatbread (roti tastes like crispy crepe) dipped in curry. I find Spice Fusion's roti better than Banana Leaf's roti.

We then had the Vietnamese Beef Noodle(180php) which serves 3-4 medium appetite persons. Pho style beef noodle soup and rice noodle with thin beef flakes served with basil and bean sprouts!

For our main entree we had Chicken curry (200php), Malay curry infused with coconut milk.

Deep Fried Lapu-lapu (280php), Canton fried Lapu-lapu topped with sweet and chili sauce with mango cubes and veggies. We always order this everytime we dine here and what we all noticed is that the serving was too hot(Chili hot)!

And in the middle of our dinner, we were given the bill because they said their counter will be closing. I think this is rude. Dined at Cafe Laguna, Don Mertos, Gerry's Grill and other restos at the Northwing after 9pm but never had been given a bill while we were eating. After we paid the bill we asked for 6 glasses of house water which never arrived. So much for customer service! Shheeeesh!


Shake said...

i really wouldn't have minded if the had a plaque at the resto stating "SELF-SERVICE".. argh! it was apalling that the waiter had to leave the plates and utensils on our table and not setting it up. hay naku babe, double SHEEESH!

I'm no spicy food lover but you're right, the Deep Fried Lapu-lapu was way way hot! hahaha! I consumed half of my mango shake after one "hungit." LOL!

chicken curry was okay... I don't complain if it's chicken (except for the chicken I had at The Old Spaghetti House! haha! herbs with buttercream and honey? uh-uh! not good!)

kahibaw na ko unsa iLanghouse water babe, ang bill! nyahaha!

in fairness, I really loved the Yang Chow Fried Rice... eheheh! and it was my first time to eat ROTI...yummy!

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

@Shakey - bitaw babe! the house water didn't arrive but the bill was fast! LOL.

JP said...

HOMG,if I was with you guys there would have been war in Spice Fusion. hahaha

Damn, I hate restaurants that just can't give you the right services.

KING said...

no matter how good the food but when the service sucks it sucks!

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

@JP - yeah, too bad. :(

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

@Nike - therefore Spice Fusion Sucks! lels!

Toni B. said...

Guys, I guess you were just really unlucky - agreed, the SM branch sucks, but the food is great... try the BTC one, its ok, not as suckish as you describe, but do go for lunch if you had that experience during dinner!!! If you want the food only, just tell them you only want to take out... thats what we do... Well, good to be of service... Visit our Spice Fusion experience on


Anonymous said...

poor management!

Anonymous said...

Me and my friends have the same experience jud there! No complains about the food, they are truly delicious! Pero, sErvice? Huh, Service? Unsay Service gud intawn. Guyz, yoU can feeL the discrimination there.. next to our table was a couple, one filipina and one foreighner, Sus! pag serve nla sa ilang table All-out smile jud and mga waiters, grabe inatiman, balik-balikan kung unsay kinahanlan pa nila. Kami? agi agi-an Lang! Among Service water? hantud karon wala pa gihatud!hahahaha. Mag tulon nlang ka Laway nimo, mas dali pa! Great food with Service that Sucks! how's that for an experience?

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