Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coffee Substitutes

Just love the new line up of Tazo teas sold at Starbucks. Tried the Tazo Chamomile Blend, Hibiscous Blend and the Orange Blossoms Teas!

Tazo Chamomile Blend Iced Tea is a good drink to comfort and calm your nerves. Light Floral naturally sweet with a smooth finish. With Chamomile flowers, Hibiscous flowers, lemongrass and rose petals.

Tazo Orange Blossoms Tea is a fruity flavored juicy infusion of orange peel, chili, hibiscous flowers, rose petal and ginger. Truly a cup of liquid sunshine!

Tazo Hibiscous Blend on the other side is uniquely full bodied infusion of fruity, juicy and tangy with woody notes. Composed of hibiscous with a hint of lemon and rosemary.

Sold for 90php for tall size, 95php for Grande and 105 for Venti. I would recommend that everyone buy the venti for it comes with 2 filterbags . Also request your Starbucks Barista to have the filterbags be left on your cup for more intense flavor.

Another new drink I have tried over the weekend is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Berry'd Treasure. Sold for 155php for the Large size. It's a so-so drink and very forgettable. A little hint of berryness but doesn't make me happy. I also tried the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Banana Berry and Mango Flavors and one distinct taste is very strong on the drink. The base ingredient is too strong that it overpowers the fruit flavors.


Dhon said...

im not so fund of tea's but.. i think this is worth a shot..

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

@Dhon - It definitely is. Try Orange blossom, it tastes like C2 orange but with natural flavors. :).

Shake said...

"... but doesn't make me happy." - what does make you happy, babe? nyahahaha! really, i've only tried the Pomegranate Fruit Tea it made me happy... It tastes like Starbucks' Raspberry Black Currant. Remember Malibu Dream??? I didn't like it... I didn't understand the flavor... ehehe! I wanna try their coffee based blends... hmmm... LELZ! xD

Toni B. said...

Yes I agree w/ you, Tazo teas are quite charming, aren't they? For more Sugbuanon experiences, lets hear it from the people - simply Search Yummy Cebu on Google...

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