Monday, September 20, 2010

Peehg's 100php Foodcourt Challenge on my 100th food blog entry

Peehgs on the go! We had been busy with our own stuff lately; Nowie-with her studies, Edd - with his photoshoots, Nike - with HOBCON 2010 Sponsorships, Reymond with his IT work, Shake - with Callgirl work, hehe and as for me event coverages. So we decided to have a quick lunch together at SM foodcourt and added a little twist,  buying lunch without spending over 100php!

Sizzling Plate had always been a personal favorite when it comes to foodcourt chows! Above is Sizzling Porkchop with Java Rice and Egg for 75php paired with small Thirsty lemonade for 25php and your good with your 100php! Soft porkchop slices drizzled with semi sweet peppery gravy  served on a sizzling plate.

Nike and Noe shared the bill for the challenge with their 1/4 lechon meal with rice, soup and drinks for 195php which they bought at Marina Seafood Grill. Lechon tasted good but CNT is still better. :)

My brother Reymond had the Sizzling beef tips over at Sizzling Plate at 70php paired with Thirsty priced at 25php totaling to 95php!

Another personal Fave of mine over at SM Cebu foodcourt is The Chicken Company. They serve BIIIG Parts of chicken without a BIG bill! Shakey bought a 1pc chicken meal with drinks at 80php! 

Peehgs as we are,we got full, satisfied and happy even on a tight budget! ;)


Shake said...

I love Chicken Company's Peppered Chicken! Even on a tight budget, nothing can stop the Peehgs from eating good food! ♥ ♥ ♥

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