Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ipar's Spanish Bistro

Restaurant: Ipar's
Food:  Authentic Spanish
Address: 157 F. Ramos Street, Cebu City, Cebu 6000
Telephone number: (032) 410-7727
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

Uncomplicated and straight to the point, that's how I would describe the flavorful Spanish dishes served at Ipar's! Sunstar Editor and foodie Sir Jigz Arquiza invited me to join him for dinner with RCTV's Alexis Yap featuring of course Chef Ipar Miranda's bestsellers.

It was a scheduled dinner at 7pm but I was 15 minutes late battling off traffic in Mango Avenue on a weekend. It was drizzling and as I parked my car and got off, the guard was already holding an umbrella making sure I don't get wet! Pretty cool huh? hehe. For a few seconds I felt like a prince.

As I stepped in the restaurant, I noticed the interiors and decors are very homey and very hacienda-like, very much similar to the Spanish soaps we used to love during the early 2000's! We started the dinner with a few "Tapas" or appetizers in english!

The first "tapa" served was the "Croquettas de Pollo" or Chicken Croquettes which I loved. Crunchy breaded chicken crust fried to golden brown with cheese on the inside! 80php per serving. Serves around 1-2 persons.

The Spanish Chorizo was then served. Sweet with a bit spicy smokey flavor. Priced at 180php. Serves 1-2persons.

Gambas Al Ajillo. Shrimps sauteed in garlic. Very simple yet very appetizing. Priced at 180php. Serves 1-2 persons.

Now for the main course! :) 

"Chuletas de Cerdo Al Ajillo" was the first entree served. Porkchops sauteed in garlic topped with mushroom. Tender and juicy porkchops with the right hint of garlic! Priced at 180php. Serves 1 person.

One of Ipar's house specialty is "Pollo Asado Al Horno". One whole roast chicken served juicy and tender. Take note that when you order this, it'll take an hour and a half so better call Ipar's ahead if you're ordering this one. Priced at 480php. Serves 3-4 people.

Spanish favorite Paella was also served! Chef Ipar made "Paella De La Casa" which was a combination of seafood, meat and rice. Serves 4-6. Priced at 850php.

Chef Ipar Miranda preparing "Chuletas de Cerdo Al Ajillo"


Thanks to Sir Jigz Arquiza, Alexis Yap and Chef Ipar Miranda! 


Anonymous said...

Hello chef Ipar.. I'm an aspiring culinary student here in cebu and it would be my most honor and pleasure to learn from the best chef this side of the world and be part of this growing, splendid restaurant. I'm more than interested to be an "On the Job" or trainee for this great restaurant of yours and learn more about the world of cooking and arts with you chef.. I'm dreaming this much just to be a part and know the most excellent chef here in cebu.. I'm a culinary student from American International School for culinary and hospitality institute and hoping to be a great student from you and your restaurant.. Hopefully I can have the opprutunity to learn great wisdoms form culinary with you chef.. Thank you so much.. Johannes Gloria

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