Monday, August 9, 2010

How to tell a good Frozen Yogurt from a bad one?

Cebu suddenly had the urge for the creamy, yummy and healthy goodness of yogurt, Frozen Yogurt that is! Yogurt is an excellent source of protein, calcium, riboflavin and Vitamin B12 and Cebuanos just love  the frozen treat leading to the sudden growth of yogurt stalls and shops around the city. And how do we distinguish a good tasting yogurt from the bad ones? hmmm. That's very tricky indeed. Personally, I'd consider it good if the tartness is distinguishable and at the right amount and of course how natural the flavor is. According to a source, some yogurt stalls in the city are just using yogurt flavoring to create a tartness so the frozen delight would taste like yogurt. hmmmmm. So we have to be vigilant coz when its just artificial it means it's packed with the same calories as ice cream. I have been tasting some yogurt around the city and I must say some are rather disappointing. :(

Yogu probably is one of the first yogurt shops in Cebu and made Cebuanos a bit curious about the frozen treat. Yogu is located at #11 Gov. M. Cuenco, Banilad, Cebu City and serves Frozen Yogurt, Yogurt Crepes and Yogurt Smoothies. They opened last qarter of 2009 and sadly their frozen yogurt is not "yogurty" - meaning sourness isn't that distinguishable. On the other hand, they have lots of topping choices and unlimited free syrup, but who would want more sugar on their yogurt right? Would defeat the purpose of less calorie, less fat and guilt free dessert.


Frizberry Yogurt. Frizberry Yogurt is owned by the Mitchell Colina, who by the way was my classmate in High School.. Frizberry started making frozen yogurt a household name and friends, friends of friends and other people had kept on messaging me on FB, twitter,plurk and multiply where Frizberry is. Frizberry is located at the 2nd level of SM City Cebu (Near Salon De Rose) and probably made the frozen treat available to mainstream mall goers. Frizberry Yogurt offers 2 Flavors: Original (Sizes Small: 75php Medium:95php Large: 105php) and Strawberry(Sizes Small: 80php Medium:100php Large: 110php). single topping is priced at 15php, double topping priced at 25 and triple topping priced at 35php. Like Yogu, unlimited syrup is also available at Frizberry. They have good fruit topping choices including my all time favorite Kiwi, Grapes and Mango! Frizberry does not   thrift-sell you on the toppings. :) . Yogurt goodness is at average. Tartness is present but still lacks yogurt goodness.

 Meeeeee-yaw! Coffeecat! Probably is the one that made every Cebuano crazy about frozen yogurt! Premium frozen yogurt with the right sourness and sweetness! Large cup with 3 toppings is priced at 185php and Green tea flavor is also available for 190php for the large cup with 3 toppings! Coffecat is located at JP Morgan Building Asiatown IT Park Lahug (building across Loft).I have to admit that I myself had been hooked to Coffecat's Yogo Frozen Yogurt! To clear out the confusions, Yogu, Yogo Boy and Yogo are different. :) 

Yo-Go Boy has 2 branches in the city, one at Banilad Town Center and one at Ground Floor Sm City Cebu. 75php for a regular cup with one free topping. Not bad at all! Its sweet and creamy but tartness can barely be tasted though. 

Fruit Farm Frozen Yogurt! Available at All time Favorite or ATF in Banilad, beside Chevrolet Showroom. Probably the least yogurty tasting of all the frozen yogurts I have tasted. Below is the picture I took with my iPhone of Noe's yogurt order. And it was served with the cup deformed. hehehe. The Avocado topping was good though which rarely is an available topping at yogurt places in the city.

Creamee D-light. Available at SM and Ayala, Creamee D-lite is originally a soft Ice cream stall and ventured into the yogurt craze. Their frozen yogurt tastes much like their frozen soft ice cream but with a bit of sourness. Fruit toppings available that time was only banana and mango. Their mango tasted sour. hahaha. Compensates to the lack of sourness in the yogurt? hahaha


White Hat. Another Peehgs favorite is White Hat! Located at the 2nd level of SM City Cebu, it's a retreat after a hard days work! Guilt Free for it says 98% fat free! wootwoot! haha. A medium sided cup is at 145 with 3 toppings. They also have "Hats" available like "Health Nut Hat" which is by the way my fave Hat with different Nut toppings. Also another best seller Hat is  "Pinoy Hat" is a best seller with ChocNut and Cashew nut toppings with barquillos. Other Hat Suggestions are "Love Hat" and "Cobbler's Hat." BUt as for me my fave toppings would always be Fresh  Kiwi, Grapes, Mango and Mandarin.


So how to tell a good Frozen Yogurt from a bad one? Well definitely its up to your palate! :) Try all the yogurt stalls and explore! And share what you think about each yogurt for it serves as guide to Frozen Yogurt lovers! Looking forward to another Yogurt Shop to open next week near Grand Convention! ;)


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I miss!

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

Am sure miss ka na din ng Coffeecat Mics! hehe For Ever! ;p

Chin said...

Looks absolutely delish! Note to self: try this when you fly back to Cebu. Thanks for the reviews!

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

No prob Chin! ;)

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kalooi pud sa atf hahaha.

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