Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coffecat after a month!

After opening their first branch in Cebu last July 19, 2010, Peehgs had been taking a close look at Coffecat, trying every dish and coffees and of course the service. After more than a month of operation,  lots of Cebuanos had been addicted to Yogo Frozen Yogurt.Below is a list of what had made me crave for Coffeecat for the past weeks.

My Personal Coffeecat Top Picks are

1. Yogo Frozen Green Tea Yogurt with Kiwi, Grapes and Butterfinger! I find Coffeecat's Yogo yogurtness just right - sweetness and sourness just right! Priced at 155php for Medium Size cup with 3 toppings.

2. Coffeecat's Angry Harry Pasta. Priced at 165php, Be cautions for Angry Harry is peppery hot! Angry Harry is made of Arrabiata sauce made with ham, mushroom, garlic, tomatoes, basil and red chili cooked in olive oil. Al dente cooked Spaghetti made the texture of the pasta even greater. If you are not into chilis then you can have the Napoletana Pasta priced at 16ophp.

 3. Coffeecat Chai Tea Avalanche.  My fave Avalanche so as with Ache(Chai Rico), my lil bro Edd and my adopted lil bro Ryan! haha. You can taste the tea-ness and its not that sweet. :)

Least Coffeecat Favorites
1. Coffeecat's Pistachio Lamington. It looks really yummy,  it's name is so intriguing and its affordable! Priced at 55php, I would not suggest you buy this if your not into oily desserts. Pistachio Lamington is layers of chiffon and butter cake covered with butter and then topped all over with artificially colored dehydrated coconut flakes. So oily I must say!

 2. Yogo Waffle . Don't get me wrong but I love Waffles. Yogo waffle, on the other hand is priced at 80php for the waffle and top it with your  size choice Yogo Frozen Yogurt and toppings. In the picture below, that's a medium sized yogurt with 3 toppings. So 155php+80php =235php. I love the yogurt but if you put the yogurt as a topping on the waffle, the serving size of the yogurt seems to be a bit little less than the yogurt on the cups. Inconsistency? I think they should have a fixed price for the Yogo waffle with the standard sized yogurt topping.

I would commend the service staff at Coffeecat for they offer a very personalized way of taking care of their customers.From the guard opening the door for you to the cashier who smiles and greets you well.  Coffeecat is doing good for the first month for many had been coming back to its chic coffee shop, but will they be able to keep month old patrons and customers within the coming months as Starbucks would soon be releasing their new 2011 Planners - meaning Starbucks Patrons would soon be going back and drinking those Starbucks Signature Christmas Specials like Toffenut Latte, Peppermint Mocha and Dark Cherry Mocha. Let's see if the cat still charms Cebuanos on November. ;) 


rabsin_d said...

yum3! mubalik nya ko sa coffeecat...murag dugay2 na...lelz!

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

Rabsin naa mi diri ron! hehehe

Shariza said...

i luv hangin at Coffee Cat.. weeee! especially with my best friends...

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