Monday, July 19, 2010

Meeyaw! A new cat is brewing in town!

Coffeecat - a celebration to coffee and life! Just a year old, Coffeecat had been making a buzz for its good coffee, modern minimalist yet cozy ambiance and PREMIUM Frozen Yogurt! Location is at JP Morgan Building Asiatown IT Park Lahug (building across Loft) .

Had a chance to taste the Coffeecat Coffee Jelly and Yogo Frozen Yogurt! during the opening last July 19, 2010. Review? ;) Well The coffee jelly wasn't that good because the jelly was a bit stiff and hard and has no flavor, the blended coffee was smooth and tasty though and the whip is rich and smooth as well. :). As for the Yogo Frozen Yogurt, I love! The Peehgs had consistenly been craving for it! Yogo Frozen Yogurt is creamy yet the sourness is distinguishable just like the yogurt we buy from the groceries. Sourness at the right level and not too sweet. Favorite toppings are grapes, kiwi, butterfinger, cherry and strawberry. Large cup with 3 toppings is priced at 185php and Green tea flavor is also available for 190php for the large cup with 3 toppings!

You might be wondering why the owners named the coffee shop "Coffee Cat." Well "Coffee Cat" is a product of an intriguing play of words coupled with a serendipitous association to a cat-sized mammal called civet cat having a close affinity towards coffee berries!

The Coffee Cat president JC R Tan is just 24 years old so it's no surprise why the shop is chic and exudes a young vibe and aura! Below is a picture of Marie Peluchi Tan (corporate secretary and district manager for Cebu) and JC Tan president and general manager of Coffeecat!

Ribbon Cutting!
April Rama, Jaja Chiongbian-Rama, Cebu City Councilor Edu Rama and Mayor Rama!

Big Thanks to Jaja and April!


Rayman Abiva said...

I would love to try their Yogo Frozen yogurt.. yam yam yam...

Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje said...

you should man! so good!

Anonymous said...

been there thrice.,. the coffee is so-so except for their coffee mocha which is really good.

One thing I dont like there though, is the place itseLf, First is the coolness of the place, its too much for me. Me and my friends asked the barista to maybe adjust the cooler (aircon perhaps), which they did right away. Smile!
Second is how the tables and chairs are being arranged. its too like 'office' type. you will not feel comfortable, which a coffee shop should be. they should put more couch there,;the counter is right in the center which makes it look more tight and hard to move around.

But i like their take-out cups though, black and elegant. Althoug, they should put more and more pastries there! I mean it!

I strongly think they should re-arrange or re-design the place. maybe place the counter in the corner to project bigger space. put more couch.and dim some lights. throw some magazines there too, and place some lampshades.

My coffee addict friends have the same impression with the place. They even told me some of their coffee tastes better than Bo's, but not too comfy staying there.

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