Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby Tie Party at Anzani

Restaurant: Anzani
Address: Panorama Heights Nivel Hills Lahug
Food: Australian/American
Restaurant Type: Semi Fine Dining
Mode of Payment: Cash/Card
Tel. No. 2360097

Anzani Baby tie Party with the wacky CANE Events! Chai, Greg, Nike, Edd and I had a late dinner in sequel with the Cafe Marco Dinner we had last December wherein Greg wasn't able to come and with that we weren't able to exchange gifts. Bad Greg! hahaha. and yeah,Greg was the one who picked my name for the exchanging gifts but he didn't give me any gift! hmmmp! Anyway, the party went well with resolutions and an open forum. A fun and productive dinner for CANE!

Dinner started with finger foods (price: 3 for 100php). A selection of tarts and bread sticks.

We then had the Parma Flatbread (Price: 400php). Shaves of parma ham, mozarella cheese, tomato passata and fresh aragula leaves on a thin crust. Serves around 2-3 persons.

Pasta entree we had the Mixed Seafood Vongole Spaghetti (Price: 500php). Spaghetti topped with mixed seafood on red marinara sauce baked on parchment paper.

Egg noodle Anzani Fettuccine (Price: 390php) with wild wild mushroom "Cacciatora and parmesan shaves.

Seared Ostritch priced at 890php. around 5 ostritch medallion slices cooked medium rare! Serves 1-2 persons.

For our drinks we had a variety of zesty iced teas. Top Taste Iced tea (65php) and Moroccan Iced Tea(65php). Top Taste is fruity/citrusy iced tea while Moroccan Iced tea's herby and a very light hint of mint.
Desserts!!!!! We had Anzani bomb (price: 250php). Torched til golden brown whipped cream on the outside layer, then a spongy cake crust and fruity ice cream bomb core!
Fondue fondue! (Price: 280php) Fresh Cocoa chocolate melt served with fruits, mallows and choco cake!

Mga Kapigouts!


Toni B. said...

Wow... I have nothing to say - Only that I'm jealous of you guys - you always experience such great eats!!!! How many times a week do you workout? ;D...

For my reviews on some ok companies, visit!!! They now have ranks!

Mikey Sanchez said...

herb crusted cream dory cause it's light and fish is just perfect! olive crusted rack of lamb.. .meat's really tender!

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