Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yogurt Yogurt! New Froyo Places in Cebu!

Cebuanos now had been so health conscious! Cebu brands like Thirsty came up with their new Lite Drinks with no sugar (substituting sugar with Splenda) and  using low fat milk. Not to mention ,desserts with low sugar content have been the talk of the town, with more and more Cebuanos counting calories. ;) And one of the best things that happened to Cebu since late last year was the  opening of Frozen Yogurt or FRO YOS stations in Cebu. They have been sprouting like crazy beans, which for me is really good! I just love Fro Yo! But as everyone is expecting, probably next year, the best froyos will be left standing and open! ;)


With their soft opening last week of September, Yummy Yo had been visited by many including Cebuano models and photographers! Owner Dan Douglas Ong, one of Cebu's best fashion photographer, created the yogurt flavor that is unique from any other yogurt place in Cebu, Frozen yogurt with bits of fruits! Dan had me tried the Strawberry Flavored  Frozen Yogurt with Mandarin and grape toppings! It was definitely a treat that's equally good and healthy! 

Yummy Yo is available in Small, Medium and Family Sizes with original, green tea and fruit flavor(changing every week). Prices at 75php, 95php and 130php for the original flavor. 80php, 100php and 135php for the green tea flavor and 90php, 110php and 145 for the fruit flavored yogurt with real fruit bits.

Yummy Yo is located at Ground Floor the Forum Building Cebu City. Forum Building is the building at the left of Grand Convention if your facing Grand Convention.


Teriyaki Boy now also serves their own version of the Frozen Yogurt treat! Yogato as they call it, it's probably my 2nd LEAST favorite frozen yogurt in Cebu. Though their toppings are yummy and very Japanesey, the taste of their yogurt is not that yogurty and yogurt tartness is not that distinct and distinguishable.

I ordered  Ichigo Yogato with strawberry sticks, strawberry Jam and Japanese Strawberry Chocolates.Priced at 155php plus tax. hmmmm. Quite pricey for the size and the taste. But as they claim their yogurt is 98% fat free. Teriyako Boy is located at the Terraces Ayala Center Cebu.


Wootwoot! The original frozen yogurt in the Philippines has now opened their doors in Cebu! Red Mango is located at the 3rd level of Ayala Center Cebu just beside Cinema 1. The amazing thing when you get inside Red Mango is the smell of the fresh warm waffle. Been there 3 times already and the same great scent is noticeable. As with their yogurt, it's very similar to YOGO of Coffeecat with the same tartness but a bit creamier.


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