Sunday, May 23, 2010

Formo's New Burgers & Sandwhiches

One of Cebu's best party destinations is Formo and it's not just the party that is great at Formo but the food as well! Now Formo is adding a new line of grilled burgers on the menu! Peehgs Noe, Nike and I (Edd wasn't able to come) were invited to taste them and interview Chef Lor Torres, the creator of these sumptuous grilled burgers!

Formo's Hungarian Sandwhich. My personal favorite! The sausage was created for Formo by Chef Lor. What's great about Formo's new line of sandwiches is that they're meaty and juicy. All Formo Sandwiches come with Formo's Potato Chips. Formo's Hungarian Sandwhich goes well with beer!

Noe's Favorite, Formo's Frankfurter!

All time Filipino Fave Chorizo is now in a burger. Nike's Fave, the Formo's Chorizo Burger! It's sweet spicy patty and pesto sauce makes this sandwich appetizing! A glass of Formo's Mojitos would be a perfect partner!

For those who are on the lighter side of things, you can choose to have the white meat! burger Formo's Chicken Burger is meaty, juicy and flavorful! Goes well with a serving of Formo's Frozen Margarita!

And the classic Beef burger! Beef na beef! Goes well with beer! :)

Price Ranges from 90-120php! Big Thanks to Ms. Jaja Chiongbian-Rama, Chef Lorna Torres, Ms. Meyen Baguio and Mr. Joseph Bontilao!

Nike, Chef Lor, Noe and Doyzkie!


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